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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Town of New Hartford Excel Spreadsheet...

with assessment information is now available for download.

We have included all Property Class 210, single-family homes; Property Class 220, two-family homes; and Property Class 230, three-family homes.

Currently the spreadsheet is sorted by street and house number, but you might want to do a sort by square feet of the home, assessed value per square feet, etc. The report is quite lengthy so we definitely suggest that you download it and save it either to your computer or to a disk.

The data is for 2007, but since the only changes in 2008 should be for new buildings, additions or name changes due to sales, the information should be relatively accurate. We will try to have a copy of the 2008 database soon.

We will have the same Excel spreadsheet available for residential parcels in the Town of Whitestown shortly.

If you have any questions regarding the spreadsheet and how to sort the information, please feel free to email us at We will be glad to assist you.

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