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Friday, April 11, 2008

Somebody must have been wearing shades...

when they drove past this house during the reassessment.

In fact, we just happen to have the sales brochure from the 2001 sale when the home actually sold for $167,000. The sale was used to determine the assessed values of all other homes in Neighborhood Code 4807 during the 2003 reassessment, yet the assessment on this home was never changed from the previous $109,200 assessment. In fact, an addition was put on in 2003, but still the assessment never changed. They finally raised the assessment in 2004 when all homes in Neighborhood Code 4807 were trended 5.5% (or at least some of the homes in Neighborhood Code 4807 were trended). Read the description that the realtor put on the sale sheet.

Let's see...3,009 sq. ft. assessed for $115,200....that equates to an assessment of $38.28 per sq. ft. (supposedly market value) compared to:

This 845 sq. ft. home that is assessed for $66.50 per sq. ft. Wonder if this home also has an inground pool and a whirlpool bath?

Please take the time to answer our poll at the left...would you like us to post more assessment "mistakes" in the Town of New Hartford?

You can look up information on ALL properties in the Town of New Hartford with assessment history from 2001 to 2007 by visiting our Online Assessment Program.


Anonymous said...

People in NH also like their houses under-assessed too :-D

New Hartford, N.Y. Online said...

And those with connections get their wish...ah, we mean mistakes do happen!

Anonymous said...

I'm assessed at 82.485 per square foot, and my house isn't big or a mansion. Or new.

Where do I go for the Sixty-something a square foot assessment?

New Hartford, N.Y. Online said...

We will be updating our assessment reports shortly to include reports that will list assessments by street, square feet and neighorhood code.

After comparing your assessment to other "like" homes, we suggest that anyone who thinks their assessment is unfair starts by talking to the assessor.

Next, you can file a Grievance and discuss your concerns with the Board of Assessment Review.

From there you can go to Small Claims or a Certiorari.

We will post a blog when the reports are available.

John Spade said...

Do you have other examples of so-called "mistakes?"

I would like to see who benefited from these "mistakes."

Anonymous said...

For that matter when is the Town or the County going to stop this age old game and start putting assesments ONLINE like every REAL govt. around?

Or do you think that the REAL reason they HIDE this crap is because they're scammers?

Anonymous said...

They just dont want anyone to know without having to go through so much trouble, who is scratching who's back.

New Hartford, N.Y. Online said...


You got that one right.

Until every taxpayer starts holding politicians' feet to the fire, nothing in this area will change.