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Monday, April 7, 2008

And on to a related story....

Assessments...Town of New Hartford style.

This is a 845 sq. ft. home assessed for $56,200. Not too bad considering that New Hartford is not at 100% equalization. Assessment seems reasonable.

Of course, when you see this 4,925 sq. ft. home assessed for $241,900 it begs a question. Who lives in this 4,925 sq. ft. home on a private road...must be a friend of the town.

The 845 sq. ft. home is assessed for $66.50 per sq. ft., BUT the 4,925 sq. ft. home is assessed for $49.11 per sq. ft.! Hmmm!

Aren't assessments supposed to be based on "market value"? We have been watching home sale prices for many years. We have never seen the price per sq. ft. go down as the sq. ft. of the home goes up. If that were the would pay to buy a bigger home...why pay $66,000 for 845 sq. ft. when you can get almost 5,000 sq. ft. for a little under $250,000? Must be a quinky dink...New Hartford style!

The assessor says it is just a mistake...the Town of New Hartford assessment database has a lot of "mistakes".

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Mistake? Yeah Right. Could it be a friend, relative or "that special someone" of one of the town officials living there?

Gee, lemme think about that one.