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Sunday, March 16, 2008

A very generous donation, BUT...

Police Chief Philo says there are basically two reasons why the New Hartford Police Dept. "needs" a Harley.
a. They need it for numerous walk-a-thons, races & parades.
b. They want to initiate a motorcycle training class in the area.
Honorable intentions, but let’s think about this for a moment. New York State has already contracted with MANYS to teach these classes throughout the State and the classes are conveniently held both during the week and on the weekends at the Utica and Rome campuses of MVCC.

Tuition for these classes is $275; the fact that MANYS has been teaching these classes since 1998 shows that people “want” the classes and are willing to pay for them. Since MANYS has been given a contract to administer a motorcycle safety program one has to guess that MANYS is getting money from the tuition money that each student pays.

If there was a “need” for more of these classes, it would seem that MANYS would increase the number of classes they hold or they would increase the locations where the classes are held, because that is how they make more money.

And just because the New Hartford Police Department now has a Harley motorcycle does not make them qualified to teach motorcycle safety classes. Does the town of New Hartford really want the liability? Should this really be a function of the New Hartford Police Dept. when the “need” is already being met elsewhere?

Several people wrote to us and stated that only police departments can buy or lease a Police Model Harley motorcycle. Verbiage on the Harley website would lead one to believe that is true.

This "need" of the New Hartford Police Dept. sort of reminds us of the 911 Dispatch system. New Hartford "needs" their own 911 center even though the Oneida County 911 system could be developed to serve the whole county. County Executive Tony Picente said in his State of the County address that he will work with Utica and New Hartford to try to consolidate all 911 services into the County. Good luck with New Hartford...they are hell-bent on building their own little kingdom!

Not for nothing, but it would appear that the New Hartford Police Dept. had to "reach pretty deep" for their explanation of why a Police Model Harley motorcycle is needed. The secrecy behind this “lease” leads one to believe that we probably don’t have the whole least not yet!


Anonymous said...

How can we trust the police dept when they have to fabricate reasons to hide their intentions? I am so sick of the lies and deceit in this town govt.

Anonymous said...

LOL, yet another example of the garbe that goes on in the once proud Town of NH. Glad to see the PD is now getting in on the act too. CONGRATULATIONS!

Anonymous said...

Who is supposed to pay the insurance premium for this?
Mr. Philo and his crew are great for giving you half the story to the extent that it serves their interests reather than the ignornat sheeple.