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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Harley Davidson Police Model Motorcycle Donation...

Have you been wondering who donated that 2008 Harley Police Model Motorcycle on a 2-year lease and what the NHPD plans to use it for? Listen to the Chief's explanation at the town board meeting last evening.

The town has been insuring this motorcycle since November 2007. Nice of the town board to pass a resolution to accept the donation at the March 12, 2008 town board meeting...4 months later. Only cost to the town...insuring the motorcycle. So the town board is finally made aware of the donation and they pass a resolution last night to spend money to insure this motorcycle 4 months after the motorcycle has already been placed on the town insurance. Guess the Kowalski's wanted to remain so anonymous that the town board wasn't even aware of the donation.

So it would appear that any department head can have the town clerk add any vehicle to the town insurance whether or not the town board is aware of the acquisition of the vehicle or the cost of the additional insurance and without any resolution ever being passed for this additional cost...interesting. Were it not for our blog, the town board probably still wouldn't know about the donation or the insurance.

So the Police Chief wants to start a motorcycle safety course under the Governor's Traffic Safety Committee Motorcycle Safety Program. According to the NYS Traffic Safety website:
"On March 23, 1998, DMV issued a request for proposal for a five-year contract to establish and administer a motorcycle safety program. On May 18, 1998, DMV accepted the proposal submitted by the Motorcycle Association of New York State, Inc. (MANYS). The resulting contract with MANYS began August 4, 1998 with a total budget of $4,077,782. The contract includes components for rider training, instructor training, program promotion and public awareness.

The initial contract was scheduled to end on August 3, 2003. The contract period needed to be extended six months to allow for bidding on a new contract to begin February 4, 2004. Following a request for proposal issued on September 15, 2003, DMV accepted a proposal from MANYS to continue its administration of the motorcycle safety program through February 3, 2009."
So MANYS already has a contract with the NYS DMV to administer the program and it appears that the course is currently being taught at both the Utica and Rome campuses of MVCC and that would seem to be a more logical place to hold these classes...should the Town of New Hartford Police Department also be taking this on...and at what necessary budgeted costs will there be that we have yet to be told about...another police officer to conduct motorcycle safety classes? What happens at the end of two years when the lease is done? And where is this motorcycle being stored? Are we insuring something that is off town property? And wouldn't you think the town board would want to know how much the insurance for a super duper police motorcycle will be costing the town? Not one board member asked last night.

We will have the videotape of the meeting available shortly. It was a town board meeting full of blogging material and we will be blogging...


Anonymous said...

I'm wondering what under the table, dishonest, illegal BS would be going on if this group was not watching. One thing is for sure it's not slowing them down much.

John Spade said...

Oh contrare, but is has. Concerned Citizens is not well-liked by Earle Reed and his Republican "no-gooders!"

Anonymous said...

Y'all don't forget the donor is paying for the helmets and uniforms for the motorcycle police too!!

Does this thing have lights and sirens? Am I going to have to look in my mirror to see if I'm being pulled over by a NHPD bike cop now?

NHPD Blue. Could be worked up into a TV show a good one too. Wonder who will play Sipowitz on the Harley?

Anonymous said...

Just think, with New Hartford Police riding Harleys, soon they will just as modern as the Utica Police in the 1950s and 1960s

John Spade said...

Chief Philo and the "boys" will regret the day they thought they were better than the rest of the "boys in blue."

Each day we learn of new examples of arrogance displayed by officers who are believed to be "above the law."

We now see a different side to law enforcement in New Hartford township and it is getting uglier by the day.

Chief Philo's failure in procuring vests for his officers was an example of this man's in ability to be Police Chief.

Time is right for change. Eliminate or reduce the size of this police force to a level that is consistent with the town needs.

Dunkin Donuts will go broke, if all we see are New Hartford's "finest" police cars parked at these stores.

Anonymous said...

This just secures the badge in Doc Kowalskis pocket. Did you know he has an issued NHPD Badge that identifies him as the department Doctor and helps him get out of tickets when pulled over in his Dodge Viper ? Maybe Ray can ride "Bitch" on the bike, a bitch riding bitch !!!! What a joke this Town and PD has become.