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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Welcome to Earle-Ville...

According to today's Observer Dispatch article, the school board approved the "collaborative effort" with Larry Adler, the town, and the county. But the school board wants to make sure that the people on Woods Highway are taken care of since they have been without a water or sewer connection. The people on Woods Highway spoke at the January 30, 2008 meeting at the High School when the town, school, and OCIDA outlined the project for residents. The main concern of the people who live on Woods Highway was getting water and sewer hook-ups and they thought the town should pay for it.

In today's Observer Dispatch Supervisor Earle Reed is quoted as saying:
" if a water district needs to be created, it will be the town that will bear the expenses."
Well, wonder how that makes the people in the newly created Higby Road water district feel knowing that they pay about $425 a year to pay off the bond for creating their water district. And how about it Snowden Hill people, haven't you been without a water and sewer connection too? Since the town and school are being so generous this might be your opportunity to get water for your area.

Is it even legal for the whole town to finance the cost of a water district? Aren't districts set-up so that the people who will receive the benefit are the people that pay for the benefit.

School board member Robert Calli, who is also a member of the Oneida County Industrial Development Company (OCIDA) said that an additional resolution as part of the project to the town of New Hartford should be made requesting it to "not forget the Woods Highway residents." School Superintendent Gilligan was quoted as saying:
"Respective of cost factors, every effort should be made to accommodate those residents."
Since when did it become New Hartford Central School's role to decide what the town will provide to its residents?

And developer Larry Adler is going to help to pay for some of these improvements. Wow! First he gives 17 acres of land to the school and now he even wants to help pay for a water district for Woods Highway residents.

Again, according to today's article in the Observer Dispatch, Earle Reed is also quoted as saying:
"I think we can do a lot of nice things." "It has been kind of a rural area." "We need to get a sense of it."
Supervisor Reed, Concerned Citizens thinks you need to get a sense of reality!!! Taxpayer's dollars are not infinite!


Anonymous said...

Earl, please pay for my water district too.

Anonymous said...

I wish that the N.H. school board was as concerned about the taxpayers who must contiually fork over increasing amounts of school taxes. Seems like the nanny state has spread to the school board.God help us.

Greens and Beans said...

Would it be advisable for the residents to allow the utilities “hooking-up” expenses to be shared among the intergovernmental federation that has apparently been forged to prevail? Then could the other utilities customers enter into a class action lawsuit to recoup the water, sewer, lighting and power district expenses that has been imposed upon them? Perhaps sighting the fact that their own governments are willing participants in acting biased towards one group to favor a pet economic development package over those residents who would not benefit a certain “developer or developers” would expose these colluding participants.

Anonymous said...

Land is cheap in Westmoreland. Get out before the ship sinks...gurgle...gurgle...gurgle...

The circus in NH never ceases to amaze me.

Mrs Mecomber said...

I've got LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of water in my district. I'll gladly share all the McMansion runoff that flows into my basement with the rest of the town, since it seems that the board has been doing nothing to fix this.