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Friday, February 15, 2008

PILOT/'s what they aren't saying...

Concerned Citizens FOILed a copy of the school board resolution that was unanimously approved by all school board members at the February 5, 2008 board meeting agreeing to the PILOT-TIF plan for the New Hartford Business Park.

Several things "jumped out" at us as we read the school board resolution. First:

Mr. Robert Calli was the school board member that introduced the resolution. Considering that Mr. Calli is a member of the Oneida County Industrial Development Agency, wouldn't it have been smarter for someone else on the school board to introduce the resolution? Just saying...
Then the first WHEREAS in the resolution says:

WHEREAS, the Cameron Group LLC has proposed developing a 126.5 acre parcel of road and business park loacted in the Town of New Hartford and known as the New Hartford Business Park;...
126.5 acres? This blogger met with Mr. Gilligan in his office yesterday, February 14, 2008 and asked about the difference in acreage between Mr. Adler's application and the school board resolution. Memos from Kurt Schwenzfeier, Town Planner to the Planning Board, one in January 2006 and one in September 2006 also state that the proposed project by Larry Adler is on 115 map number 328.000-3-7 and tax map number 316.000-2-41.1. Why the discrepancy? Mr. Gilligan was not sure...thought maybe it was because of the 17 acres donated to the school by Larry Adler. We do believe that 115 and 17 do not add up to 126.5. So...either the school board voted on something they don't even know about or Mr. Gilligan is just not at liberty to say what is really on the drawing board!

Probably if we look at one of the slides presented at "the meeting" at the High School on January 30, 2008, it might shed some light. PAR Technology actually owns about 15 acres of land within the PILOT-TIF designated area. Isn't that interesting! Could it be that PAR Technology will be the next company "threatening to leave" the area in hopes that a tax break will be sent their way or is PAR Technology just a good neighbor and "donating" that land to Larry Adler for the Business Park? Why else would they include the vacant land owned by PAR as part of the PILOT plan?

Then there's this part...WHEREAS number 5:
WHEREAS, the Town of New Hartford has approved the project and the agreement allocating PILOT payments.
Come to think of it we did see it on the February 13, 2008 town board agenda under NEW BUSINESS, but we specifically remember (and we do have it videotaped and audiotaped) Supervisor Reed said that there was no new business to discuss regarding the New Hartford Business Park. It makes one wonder why it was on the agenda in the first place. Members of Concerned Citizens stayed until the very end...we even waited out in the hall until after the executive session was over, but they never mentioned anymore about the New Hartford Business Park.

Incidentally, at the yesterday's meeting with Mr. Gilligan, Superintendent of the New Hartford Schools, he even made reference to the fact that the resolution was passed at the February 13, 2008 town board meeting. Interesting...

If you believe the resolution passed by the school board is correct, you would have to conclude that the town board already voted on the resolution or is this just what you might call "window dressing" for the school board other just sounds good?

You don't think that the town board did already vote on a resolution in private....naw, they would never do that...would they?


Town Justice - Retired said...

Why should Superintendent Gilligan care about anything...he does NOT live in the Town of New Hartford nor does he pay any real property taxes to the Town of New Hartford.

Anonymous said...

I do believe that Mr. Gilligan lives in Sauquoit, New York. Look in the phone book because that is where I saw his name and that of his wife.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Gilligan will be retiring soon(let'S hope)and he is creating his legacy to the district. I wonder what building will bear his name.
This town is a mess!

Anonymous said...

In the Superintendent's Contract with the New Hartford School District, Mr. Gilligan's address is listed as 92 Chestnut Hills( )

The name appearing on the Town of New Hartford's Assessment data rolls clearly do not reflect that of Daniel Gilligan.

Town taxpayers would like to know why the deception in this matter? Mr. Gilligan's actions in NOT paying town property and school taxes, however, REAPING the BENEFITS to a $160,000 salary PLUS LIFETIME MEDICAL coverage is a distasteful act of DECEPTION.

Town residents should demand that Supt. Gilligan PROVE to town residents that he is contributing an equal if not greater amount in school district taxes. If not, we would ask for him IMMEDIATE resignation.

I wonder how many other Administrators do not live in the school taxing district? These people are nothing more than "free loaders."

Interestingly, Mr. Gilligan wants to have a "say" in running the school district, however, he has no personal interest in it; that is to say, he is NOT a taxpayer.