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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Open Mouth; Insert Foot...

Well, yesterday we blogged about how the town and school wanted to make sure that Woods Highway residents were "accommodated". Supervisor Reed was quoted in the Observer Dispatch as saying "the town will bear the expenses." "It has been kind of a rural area. We need to get a sense of it."

Today, it appears that the town consulted their Town Law book and found out that they cannot create a water district for the Woods Highway residents (to include the New Hartford Business Park) and have the whole town pay the costs. Oops!

According to today's Observer Dispatch article, the town can legally create or expand water districts...yes they can, but only the benefited parcels in the district can legally be charged for the cost of the improvements.

The Woods Highway residents who don't particularly want the water/sewers or the added cost on their tax bill can gather signatures on a petition and force the town to hold a referendum just like what happened with the Higby Road water district. That way the residents (i.e. the taxpayers) can decide by a majority vote if they want the water and sewers and don't mind paying for it. It is important to note that if a district is created, even if you don't hook up to the water/sewers, you will be required to pay the cost if you have property in the district. Petitions can be obtained from the Town Clerk's office. A public hearing will be necessary before the district is created.

Or residents can hope that the town finds some federal grant monies. Maybe while they are at it they can find some grant money for the Higby Road residents and the Snowden Hill residents.

According to the Observer Dispatch:

Several years ago, the town had looked into the possibility of creating a water district on Woods Highway. But it wasn't heavily populated then, said Woodland, the councilman for that area.
O.K. so we counted 18 residences and 7 vacant lots on the town's assessment roll...what's your definition of heavily populated?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

has anybody else noticed another pilot for this industrial park..Give some swamp land to NH and get a free ride..its a win/lose deal..taxpayers being the losers..who needs a industrial park anyway even the woods road people lose on this one..stop these pilots ,this deal was to keep the hartford from going to griffiths...we lose(taxpayers) either eay so let them go