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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Another day, another delay...

Yesterday, the town clerk and Concerned Citizens once again exchanged emails. The town clerk said that the bookkeeper was making copies of all Fees In Lieu of Mitigation that were targeted for land use. Apparently, the town wanted Concerned Citizens to look at the various accounts and make an "assumption" as to which ones the town will be using for the New Hartford Business Park.

The town clerk also invited us to send a copy of the slide that was presented at the New Hartford Business Park meeting on January 30, 2008. Apparently, the town still isn't sure what we are referring to. So we sent copy of the slide that was shown at the presentation.

Since we don't like to report based on "assumptions", we also asked for the town clerk to provide us with certification that the information we will be given is exactly what we asked for in our FOIL request. Anyone who submits a Freedom of Information Request to a government agency has the right to ask that the records are certified as being correct. That way there is no "misunderstanding" as to whether what you receive is indeed what you requested.

The town clerk has given Highway Superintendent Roger Cleveland until Tuesday, February 26, 2008 to come to her office and certify that the monies the bookkeeper has identified as "land use" Fees in Lieu of Mitigation total $478,000 and are the exact same monies that were referred to in the slide presented at the meeting and are the ones that will be used to make up the $478,000 needed for the New Hartford Business Park project "Assumptions" to work.

Doesn't it seem odd that they have publicly referred to a money source (i.e. $478,000, almost half a million) and yet they are unable or unwilling to let anyone know what accounts that money is coming from? What is the secret? Are they using FILM monies inappropriately or is the whole thing a ruse to make it appear like the "assumptions" used for this PILOT/TIF plan will work?

Remember, if any part of this New Hartford Business Park plan does not work or is misleading, YOU, the Town of New Hartford taxpayer will be making up the difference in the form of higher property taxes.

We will keep you posted as to what we receive...we also have a couple of "assumptions" of our own that have yet to be addressed. Stay tuned...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Sounds to me like the Town is hiding documents they do not want released for fudged figures?