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Friday, January 18, 2008

Welcome to New Hartford...

According to the January 18, 2007 Observer Dispatch article Alice and Bob Donnelly purchased the Pratt Mansion in 2006 and have been renovating to bring it back to its original splendor.

But even at its worst, the house fascinated him. When Donnelly, a licensed contractor, decided to purchase 31 Sherman Drive on Frankfort Hill for $500,000, people called him “crazy.”

“You won’t find a house like this anywhere,” he said. “I think this house needs to be put together as it was. You could see what it could be.”
The challenge of fixing it excited him, Donnelly said.

“I want to make it a historical landmark,” he said. “It is a special house and needs to be protected.”
Supervisor Reed had some welcoming comments for the new owners:
For New Hartford town Supervisor Earle Reed, the idea they will restore the “Pratts House” as he remembers it is a wonderful thing. In addition to it being a beautiful architectural building, it will also bring in taxes, he said.
Bring on the Welcome Wagon! The article goes on to quote Supervisor Reed:
“I have a lot of memories of that house. I was friends with the Pratts,” he said. “I'd rather see it fixed up first. That house is a treasure. Let's get it restored first and then worry about taxes.”
Isn't that nice...kind of gives you that warm, fuzzy feeling! Alice & Bob...we will wait until you are finished with the renovations...then all bets are off the table!

Here's an idea, Supervisor Reed. Maybe we should also worry about the fact that a good many homes in New Hartford never did get reassessed during the State Reassessment Program because they were not in the right Neighborhood Code (mistakes, probably) or they were somehow "overlooked"...isn't that right Supervisor Reed?


Anonymous said...

I would bet that this property is being assessed...way under market value?

Is this another one of Earle Reed's cronies?

Here we go again, the rich get richer and the not so rich get screwed!

Strikeslip said...

Welcome to New Taxford -- The same thoughts were running through my mind when I saw the article.

Mrs Mecomber said...

I'm restoring my house, too! Hey, Mr. Reed, can you worry about my taxes later, too?