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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Stormwater Studies

As promised, here are the Shumaker Studies:

Oxford Road/Kellogg Road Regional Storm Drainage Assessment dated November 11, 2005

Preliminary Design Report Oxford Road Drainage Improvements dated February 14,2006
And just in case you want more studies, we have a copy of:
New Hartford Drainage Report Phase II 1993

Coincidentally, there was an article in today's Observer Dispatch New Hartford seeks more input on future development.
Planning Board members are holding a second informational meeting on an urban design plan that will affect development in the southern part of the town.

This will help board members get more input from those would be affected by sprawl in Washington Mills and Chadwicks, officials said.
The study cost about $350,000. Based on its findings and recommendations, the town will amend zoning laws so they are consistent with the plans.
The next meeting, planned for sometime in March, will push back the schedule for the project by a couple of months, he said.
Guess we need to fix some of the stormwater problems already caused by developers so that we can encourage more development.

Back before the $2 million bond proprosal was voted on, Concerned Citizens tried to get the town board to be more specific as to who would see any stormwater improvements as a result of this money. Roger Cleveland didn't seem to want to "share" any information, although he did say that not everyone would be happy.

If you voted for this $2 million bond thinking your stormwater problems would be solved, we suggest you read these studies. Then wait until the money is gone and the town board once again asks for more money... and then some more might get luckier next time, but don't hold your breath thinking this $2 million will help you...the last $2+ million in the early 1990s apparently didn't solve anything.

Concerned Citizens is calling for the town board to open the Stormwater Advisory Meetings and let residents know what the plans are regarding the spending of taxpayers' money. It's the right thing to do.

Where is Councilwoman Krupa who vowed she would try to get town board consensus to follow the Open Meetings Law? Ms. Krupa some town residents don't want flooding in their backyard either. How soon can we expect the meetings to be open?

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