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Friday, January 25, 2008

Quinky Dink or not...

you decide.

Quinky Dink:
a coincidence. A sequence of events that although accidental seems to have been planned or arranged.

For example...We both wore red today...or two 1999 International Harvester trucks suddenly have their picture taken. What a quinky dink!

Below, a 1999 International 4700, VIN #1HTSCAAL4XH667487, with 47,182 miles sold on ebay by the Town of New Hartford on December 8, 2007 for $7,500.

Below, a 1999 International 4700 with 47,000 miles presently for sale on Seneca Turnpike in front of the Smoking Gun Saloon...Asking Price...$18,500.

We were curious as to who bought the dump truck that was for sale on eBay; when Concerned Citizens asked for the name of the buyer at a town board meeting, we were ignored. We have FOILed the information.

Not for nothing, but above is one of the pictures that the town used to sell the truck on ebay. If you are trying to sell a truck on ebay why would you use a picture of a truck that looks like it hasn't moved in forever...unless, of course, you hope that no one bids!

Notice the pile of it legal to have those sitting around?

Pictured above is the information that is taped to the window of the truck that is for sale by General Property Maintenance (a landscaping business) located on Seneca Turnpike across from the Smoking Gun Saloon. Sure seems to match the truck that the Town of New Hartford sold on ebay back in December 2007. In fact, there is one identifier that was left on the truck that some might not notice, but we did! We even have a picture of it. They also did a lousy paint job because you can still see Town of New Hartford on the door if you stand at just the right angle. They must have had to put a lot of work and parts into that "old" truck...the new owner is now trying to sell it for $18,500.

Other people have listed similar trucks on ebay...this one is a 1998 International Harvester 4700 with 114,165 miles; the seller turned down an $11,300 bid. The "buy it now" price was $18,995 and there isn't even a plow and wing for this also has more than double the mileage on it and is a year older!

Oh, by the way, a tipster told us that the same business that is now selling this truck (General Property number as noted on the window...315-853-7506) also sold the 1995 Badger for $22,000. Remember...the Badger that the Highway Superintendent sold to Al Roberts for "peanuts" without board approval.

Must be a quinky dink!

Be sure to read Part 2!


Anonymous said...

Another question -- Why is Roger (hrumph hrumph) Cleveland selling a 1999 truck with only 47000 miles on it when there are other older trucks with alot more miles on them in the fleet?

This smells maloderous, just another shining example of Rogers incompetence.

As always, FOLLOW THE MONEY and you will understand things like this better.

Anonymous said...

'norm1982' was the winning bidder (no feedback was left by either party for this transaction?!).


Is it odd that it didn't sell for $7,500 back in November? Wonder what the reserve was then:

Powerseller said...

Its funny that eBay was what gottem in the end. eBay has a very easy disclosure system **if you know what to do**. They won't hide any of THAT. Even the names and reserve numbers are available.

If you need help, squawk here, I'll help you lift that viel!