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Thursday, January 3, 2008


Back at the May 9, 2006 Town Board meeting, Town Supervisor Earle Reed was excited about the new jobs that would be created as a result of Oriskany Manufacturing, LLC expanding their business in New York Mills at the old Bonide site at 2 Wurz Avenue. In fact, the New Hartford Town Board felt so good about the project that they passed a resolution to expand the Empire Zone boundaries to include one (1) acre of adjoining land that is actually located in the Town of New Hartford.
...WHEREAS, the County of Oneida and the Town of New Hartford intend to amend the Oneida County Empire Zone boundaries to encourage industrial and commercial development and to allow for the creation of a Regionally Significant Project in the Town of New Hartford, Town of Whitestown and the Village of New York Mills, and

WHEREAS, Oriskany Manufacturing LLC, by expanding manufacturing operations at the former Bonide facility located at 2 Wurz Ave., Yorkville NY 13495, meets the criteria of Section 957(d) of the general municipal law as a Regionally Significant Project by creating 50 or more new manufacturing jobs for inclusion within the Oneida County Empire Zone in an area outside the separate and distinct contiguous areas, and

WHEREAS, the Town of New Hartford wishes to support and concur with an Empire Zone designation for tax parcel 317.010-5-1, and

NOW, THEREFORE, be it resolved that the Town Board of the Town of New Hartford, in its capacity as governing body of the Town of New Hartford, does hereby support and concur with the Oneida County Empire Zone to include property as a Regionally Significant Project within the Oneida County Empire Zone within tax parcel 317.010-5-1, and located at 2 Wurz Avenue, Yorkville NY 13495.
Looked like a win-win...clearly, the New Hartford Town Board was behind the project back in May. But...

Fast forward to October 23, 2007...several members of Concerned Citizens attended a public hearing in New York Mills regarding Mike Fitzgerald's request (owner of Oriskany Manufacturing) to rezone the aforementioned parcel from Planned Development to Manufacturing.

One of the residents who spoke against the project at the hearing was Ms. Christine Krupa, recently elected Town of New Hartford Ward 2 Councilwoman. Ms. Krupa mentioned NYRI as a negative to be considered because there is a railroad track that runs along the property. However, her main complaint was that she wanted to hold Oriskany Manufacturing accountable for "alleged" code violations of the previous owners of 2 Wurz Ave. Concerned Citizens got the feeling that her complaint was more of a "NIMBY" issue (not in my backyard)! Ms. Krupa owns property on the other side of the back property line of Bonide (Oriskany Manufacturing).

UPDATE: According to the January 15, 2008 Observer Dispatch:
Mayor Rob Maciol, who has publicly stated his support for the company’s plans, said the said the region needs new jobs.
"Krupa, whose property is bordering the plant site, collected about 10 signatures from those opposed to the move, Maciol said."
Also the paper said, "The Village Board could vote on the issue at its next meeting on Feb. 12, Maciol said."
Recently, we received an anonymous tip regarding the property currently owned by Councilwoman Krupa. Odd it is that last October at the New York Mills public hearing regarding 2 Wurz Ave Ms. Krupa "had her knickers in such a knot" about the "alleged" code violations of the previous owners of the Bonide property...the fact that she wanted to hold the "new" owners accountable for "alleged" past code violations is also odd...particularly since it may very well be that Councilwoman Krupa presently has "alleged" code violations that she should take care of on her own property!

Anonymous said:

Take a look at Ms. Krupa's property at 502 Main St NYM. It violates many NYS building codes. Tarpaper and celotex insulation that has been exposed in mass for 10+ years is not to any code. It has abandoned vehicles, 5+ trailers, 2 abandoned oil tanks and it appears there is business conducted in a residential district. A picture says a 1000 words. It is a nuisance to neighbors and an eyesore. Where is Mr. Rowlands? Is there a double standard here?
Mr. Rowlands is a codes officer for the Town of New Hartford. Ms. Krupa's property is in the Village of New York Mills; therefore, Mr. Neary, the Codes Officer in New York Mills, would be the one to contact regarding these "alleged" code violations.

If the information submitted by "Anonymous" is correct...not saying that it is...we would hope that Ms. Krupa would just do the right thing..."Sweep your own doorstep before trying to clean someone else's."

You know, it's too bad that Councilwoman Krupa doesn't own property on Royal Brook Lane in New York Mills. With her "NIMBY" attitude, perhaps the flooding problems every Spring in the backyards on that street would be addressed sooner rather than later. Now there's an area in Ward 2 that could use Councilwoman Krupa's attention...are you up to collecting signatures on a petition to force some action regarding the stormwater problems over there, Councilwoman Krupa?

What say you Councilwoman Krupa?


Anonymous said...

We live on Royal Brook Lane. Thank you for putting the pictures of the flooding on your blog.

Wasn't it Ms. Krupa who thought the stormwater problems were the most important issue in the town. How come we haven't heard anything or seen anything being done...the $2 million bond gets voted for and that's the last you hear from them. Just when will we see something being done...spring is right around the corner.

Anonymous said...

It's interesting that "anonymous" lives on RBL but doesn't know that the village of NYM has contracted to correct the sewer problems and that the flooding has nothing to do with the town of NH.

New Hartford, N.Y. Online said...

"It's interesting that "anonymous" lives on RBL but doesn't know that the village of NYM has contracted to correct the sewer problems and that the flooding has nothing to do with the town of NH."

Anonymous #2,

I think that you will find that the flooding that is being shown in the pictures is not from the sewers, but is a problem with Mudd Creek overflowing in the Spring due to melting snow from Commercial Drive and the fact that the creek has been filled in with sediment.

I don't think the people on Royal Brook would be any too pleased to think that the water in their backyards that floods into their basements each Spring is from sewage. I also don't think they want to hear that the $2 million stormwater bond they are paying for will not be used to help correct their situation.

Just my opinion! Everyone is entitled to their opinion!

New York Mills - Ward 2 Voter said...

This response to the Anonymous who wrongfully makes reference to the Village of New York Mills sewer repairs.

MUDD CREEK FLOODING has been continuous as evidenced by the pictures provided by Royal Brook Lane residents. The Town of New Hartford and Pyramid Mall is liable because of on-going code violations that occurred opposite MUDD CREEK.

These violations are a matter of public record and have been validated and revalidated. The truth of the matter is that Town of New Hartford officials REFUSED to enforce the codes because of the POLITICAL connection to Town of New Hartford Republican Officials.

Too, the Town of New Hartford - Highway Department dumped asphalt on the lip of MUDD CREEK. Dumping asphalt near a creek or into a creek is a New York State Department of Environmental Concern VIOLATION!

With regard to the sewer repairs. What has been contracted for is a "lining" within the sewer lines in the immediate area. These repairs were necessary because of the state of disrepair they were found to be in...subsequent to being examined by internal cameras.

The Storm Water Bonding of $2,000,000 most certainly covers the Village residents living on Royal Brook Lane. Perhaps, you are unaware or mis-informed. The Bond Proposal included VOTERS from the Village of New York Mills who reside in the Ward 2 District. Incidentally, Ward 2 is the District Mrs. Christine Krupa lives in, however, has taken a "back-seat" when helping her constituents.

Perhaps, it is time YOU get the story straight before inserting your foot in your mouth!

Mrs. Christine Krupa receives her PAYCHECK from Pyramid Mall Management. Do you really think she will jeopardize her paycheck? Mrs. Krupa is NOT interested in her constituents in Ward 2, especially those whose residences have been severely flooded because of the negligence of the Town of New Hartford and Pyramid Mall Builders.

New Hartford, N.Y. Online said...

Let's not forget the building of Consumer Square. Congressman Boehlert seemed to pull a few strings to get that project approved. The residents of Royal Brook Lane have been paying for it ever since.

When the Town of New Hartford Highway Superintendent can say, in a letter to Mayor Maciol, and we quote, "You should be aware that starting with the Sangertown Square project in the 1970's each and every economic development project has undergone scrutiny by the Planning Board as regards stormwater management. In each case, state of the art stormwater management design was required of the developers. Individually, each project conforms to those designs, yet collectively something else has happened to at least make it appear that the designs don't function, or at least don't function sufficiently to attenuate downstream flooding."

And Anonymous #2 says "the flooding has nothing to do with the town of NH". Give me a break!

Here is a link to the entire letter sent to Mayor Maciol from Highway Superintendent Roger Cleveland in July 2007.

Anonymous said...

Problem is she doesn't have a backyard to worry about. Her property is only a few feet off Main Street and actually the rat trap in the back she owns is only feet from the property that she doesn't want developed.