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Thursday, January 10, 2008


Yes, believe it or not, last night's public portion of the town board meeting was 15 minutes long!

Ironic isn't it...the town business only took 15 minutes...yet 3 items on Attorney Green's agenda that supposedly required an executive session took 30 minutes. Attorney Green's items were:
1. Hilton Tax Certiorari
2. Husted Certiorari
3. Preswick Glen Update
Concerned Citizens decided to stay around and asked to be called back when the executive session was over and the regular board meeting resumed.

When we were called back into the room, the town board passed two resolutions to accept the certiorari settlements for both Hilton & Husted. Funny though, Concerned Citizens would have thought that within a 30 minute executive session, the town board and town attorney would have discussed the amounts of the certiorari settlements...that was, or so we were told...two of the reasons for the Executive Session. However, after fumbling through his papers for a few seconds, Attorney Green said to Supervisor Reed, and we quote, "I'm going to have to get you those numbers...I'm going to have to read through this." Amazing, two of the items that the board supposedly called an executive session for and the town attorney has no idea the dollar amounts of the settlements. No problem though, the town board unanimously voted to accept the settlements anyway!

And what about the Preswick Glen update that Attorney Green also had on the agenda for executive session? Concerned Citizens thought the game plan was to give the residents regular updates on Preswick Glen. Guess seems the town board prefers to work on a "need to know" basis...they "know" and town residents don't "need" to!!

Anyway, the best part of the meeting was when Supervisor Reed asked to move to adjourn and a resident spoke up and asked to be recognized because he had a question for Supervisor Reed. If you have stormwater issues or just pay taxes in the Town of New Hartford, you don't want to miss this one!

We audio-taped and video-taped the town board meeting and it will be online by Saturday along with our commentary on what happened "after the meeting".


1 comment:

Traveling Man said...

Are you telling your readers that the Town Board was thirty (30) minutes long??? and the Regular Town Board Meeting was ONLY fifteen (15) minutes???

Seems like we have a violation occurring like that in the Towns of Warren & Stark.

These New Hartford Town Officials should be charged with unethical conduct.

Where was Jerry Green, Esq. Town Attorney?