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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Declining Revenues??

We briefly blogged about it before when Concerned Citizens first received the 2008 Tentative Budget... and the 2008 Approved Budget still showed that the General-Whole-Town Minus NYM revenues seemed to have declined. It sort of jumps right out at you when you start to compare the Budget Summary Sheets for 2006, 2007 & 2008.

Budget Year 2006 was done by the previous administration. Budget Year 2007 and Budget Year 2008 were done by the Earle Reed administration.

General Whole-town Minus NYM is the revenue generated by the Police, Animal Control and Traffic Safety.

You will notice that 2008 General Whole-Town Revenues are up by almost $400,000 over 2007; but 2008 General Wholetown Minus NYM is down by almost $175,000 for the same time where previously they seemed to increase each year.

So, we totalled up all the revenues in General Whole-town that could be attributed to the Police Department, Animal Control or Traffic Safety and we prepared a spreadsheet. What we found was interesting to say the least.

According to the actual budget, revenues didn't go down in General Whole-town Minus NYM...oh, they went down slightly, but remember, a couple of items that should have been included in the Police Revenues were left off for some reason. What actually declined is the amount of revenues that the town board is using on the Summary Sheet to off-set the appropriations in General Whole-town Minus NYM. When we totalled the revenues that are actually listed for Whole-town Minus NYM, we got a total of $434,407 not $285,026 as stated on the 2008 Summary Sheet. When we totalled the remaining revenues that would be applied to the General Whole-town we got $4,281,347 not $4,467,413 like on the 2008 Summary Sheet. So basically, General Whole-town revenues were overstated and General Whole-town Minus NYM were understated for purposes of figuring the tax rate for each section of the budget.

So then we ran a report for 2006, 2007 and 2008. Interesting!

Concerned Citizens has their opinion and there are probably many more explanations as to our findings, but we whittled them down to a few of our favorites:
a. The town board really does not know the difference between the General Whole-town and the General Whole-town Minus NYM.

b. Someone on the town board was trying to give a recent candidate a "extra" push by lowering the tax rate 25% in her home base to make up for the previous year when they tripled the tax rate in that part of town. If you remember, this candidacy was actually funded by the Reeds.

c. The town board is trying to add to the fund balance by manipulating the budget and is failing miserably.

d. The Citizens Budget Committee needs to be reinstated because they really did have more information than Supervisor Reed gave them credit for.

e. HELP!!
Next, we will show you our spreadsheet and you can decide for yourself.

To be continued....

1 comment:

Traveling Man said...

Houston, we have a BIG, BIG, BIG problem with the Town of New Hartford.

It appears the Town has some real "space" cadets!