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Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Day After...

the New Hartford Business Park meeting at the New Hartford High School Auditorium.

Where do we begin? A lot of information was projected on a screen, so much in fact that the average person would be overwhelmed and perhaps that was part of the plan. Rah! Rah! Rah!

Well, conceptually, it sounds...Hmm!...what would Supervisor Reed say....WONDERFUL! However, like any story there is always the other side. Over the next few days we will try to provide some of the details and the pitfalls to help you get a better idea of what they are proposing.

One comment we heard last night was...what is the sense, they are going to do what they want anyway. Concerned Citizens urges everyone to realize that while the town board, school and county have crafted this "deal" in such a way as to take the decision to enter into this arrangement away from the public, you do have the "ultimate" decision, starting with the school board elections and budget vote in May. As the Good Witch said to Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz..."you've always had the power..."

We urge you to read our information, tell your friends to read it and then decide for yourself if it is a good deal.

To start...Here is the press release and the slides that were presented at the meeting last evening.

By the way, we encourage your input...send a comment to our blog, email us privately or if you prefer to write a private message to us anonymously, use our tip line.

Stay tuned!

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