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Saturday, January 12, 2008

The 2 million dollar question...Part 2

The video of the January 9, 2008 town board meeting is now online. We apologize for some missing footage at the end, but we had some technical difficulties. However, the town board meeting is on audio in its entirety. If you would like to hear the part after the executive session when residents were asking questions regarding the stormwater issues on Jubilee and Longworth Acres, parts of that portion is missing on the videotape, please listen to the audiotaping for the stormwater questions and answers in their entirety.

We used our "searchable" minutes to extract portions of town board minutes that reference the stormwater issues in the area of Tibbitts, Oxford and Kellogg Road. Below are links to the minutes and a brief overview of the contents.

August 18, 2004 - talks about the Jubilee Stormwater Drainage District and calls for a study "contingent upon the developer, the drainage district or the engineer paying for any and all costs with no funds coming from the Town of New Hartford."

"Councilman Backman stated the Town Board should protect the residents not the district."

"Attorney Rossi informed the Town Board that a new subdivision will be built across from Jubilee Estates and Attorney Rossi does not want to see the same problem with flooding occurring from this subdivision as is happening with Jubilee Estates."

November 17, 2004 - Regarding Longworth Acres.

November 18, 2004 - Regarding Longworth Acres.

December 15, 2004 - Regarding Longworth Acres.

February 2, 2005 - "Technician Meagher (John Meagher - Town Engineer) has been trying to meet with Oneida County officials because Oxford Road is a county road; also, Tibbitts Road from Kellogg Road to NYS Route 12 is a county highway. A study had been completed on the Jubilee Estates development off Tibbitts Road and there appears to be a bottleneck of drainage flowing down to NYS Route 8 (Sauquoit Valley Arterial). New developments such as Longworth Acres and some land on Tibbitts Road, between Tibbitts and Snowden Hill Road, will add to this watershed."

May 5, 2005 - "RESOLVED that the New Hartford Town Board does hereby authorize and direct a stormwater study to be conducted by Shumaker Engineering for the area encompassing the Oxford-Snowden Hill-Tibbitts-Kellogg Road area at a cost not to exceed Twenty-eight Thousand Dollars ($28,000)..."

There are probably more details in the planning board minutes. This area has been studied "ad nauseum". At any rate, it is very apparent that the problems in the area in question are well documented so one has to wonder why the town board, in particular, the two board members that have attended the Stormwater Advisory Meetings, say "I am not familiar with that" in answer to the questions asked by the resident. Why did the gabion baskets that were designed by the engineer for the Jubilee Estates developer fail and who is responsible for seeing to it that town residents are not paying for the mistakes of developers and their engineers. Why is the $2 million bond money being used on county roads...Oxford, Kellogg, and Tibbitts are all county roads.

Before one penny of the $2 million bond is spent, the town board owes residents some explanations and the Stormwater Advisory Meetings need to be open to the public.

Concerned Citizens has obtained a copy of the study mentioned in the May 5, 2005 Town Board Minutes entitled "Oxford Road/Kellogg Road Regional Storm Drainage Assessment", dated November 11, 2005. We also have "Preliminary Design Report Oxford Road Drainage Improvements", dated February 14, 2006. We will post both reports in part 3 of "The 2 million dollar question."

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