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Saturday, January 12, 2008

The 2 million dollar question...Part 1

Let's get back to the part of the January 9, 2008 town board meeting when Supervisor Reed asked to move to adjourn and a resident spoke up and asked to be recognized because he had a question for Supervisor Reed. So what did the town resident ask at the January 9, 2008 Town Board meeting?

The 2 million dollar question
You will need Windows Media Player to hear this audiotape

It's amazing that Town Attorney Green was the only one who knew there was a Stormwater Drainage District for Jubilee Estates...or at least was willing to admit to having knowledge of it. If you listen to the tape, you will hear him confirm that there is a Jubilee Stormwater District.

Once a Stormwater Drainage District is created, any issues regarding stormwater run-off will be paid for by assessing parcels of land benefited by the district and NOT the rest of the town...just like the $5,000 stormwater drainage study in 2004 that was financed by a tax levy on the residents of Jubilee Estates!

Of course, prior to being named Town Attorney Green, he was Town Planning Board Member Green and he was involved with the stormwater issues in that part of town in conjunction with Longworth Acres, a development owned by Judge William Virkler. Now that he is Town Attorney Green, Concerned Citizens wonders why he didn't share the information with the town board that there is indeed a Jubilee Stormwater Drainage District and also a Whitetail Stormwater Drainage District off Oneida Street. It would be particularly beneficial to share that information with the Stormwater Advisory Committee...preferably before Schumaker Engineering was hired to do another study of the Oxford, Tibbitts, Kellogg Road area. That way the town board wouldn't have had to act like deer caught in the headlights when the question was asked at the last board meeting and the Stormwater Advisory Committee could make "informed" recommendations to the town board.

And not for nothing, but the Jubilee Stormwater Drainage District is part of the budget that the town board just adopted on November 20, 2007 and it is so noted in the minutes. If they didn't know what the Special Assessment Roll item was, wouldn't you think that one of them would have asked or made some effort to find out. Nope, they just unanimously passed the budget, Jubilee Stormwater Drainage District and all.

Councilman Reynolds seems to think that the stormwater run-off problems from Jubilee have been an ongoing problem since before Jubilee was developed. Got to tell you that several members of Concerned Citizens live in the vicinity and have for many years...we haven't heard of any problems prior to Jubilee. And just in case the Town Board missed the letter from Attorney Mark Levitt regarding the issues with stormwater run-off from Jubilee; we have a copy. Since it is noted at the bottom of the letter that Highway Superintendent Roger Cleveland also received a copy, he should be able to enlighten the town board and for that matter the Stormwater Advisory Committee.

Tomorrow evening we will add the videotape of the January 9, 2008 town board meeting and some past town board minutes to help answer the question that the town board seemed to be "clueless" about when asked.

Guess it's starting to look pretty clear why they closed Concerned Citizens out of the Stormwater Advisory Meetings. It's not so much that they thought we would misunderstand and report incorrect is more that we will tell you things they don't want you to know!


Mr. Ethics said...

Isn't Judge William Virkler a Licensed Real Estate Broker who owns several pieces of commercial property within the Town of New Hartford?

Seems to me like someone is getting special treatment on the "backs" of Town residents?

I guess if it walks like a duck, smells like a duck and quacks like a must be a duck?

What the hell is going on in the Town of New Hartford?

I do hope that Town residents ask for an investigation of Town Justice Bill Virkler's "dealings" both in his real estate and how he handles town court. Maybe, just maybe, we may see some favors being given out in an improper and unethical manner?

New Hartford, N.Y. Online said...

Well, we might not want to go that far, Mr. Ethics, but it would not be unreasonable to question why an elected official always seems to be getting town favors .

Legal Beagle said...

If Jerry Green, Esq. is the Town can his law firm, "Paravati, Karl, Green and DeBella, Attorneys at law, 12 Steuben Park, Utica, New York represent the Town of New Hartford on Storm Water Issues?

Is this not a conflict of issue?

Is not this a matter for the Oneida County District Attorney to investigate or the Syracuse Grievance Committee?

There certainly is a perception of conflict-of-interest.

Does anyone have any concerns over this type of unethical behavior by Town of New Hartford officials?

New Hartford, N.Y. Online said...

If you are referring to the Stormwater agreement signed by the Town of New Hartford and Attorney Green’s law firm, we blogged about it last March. Judging from the Opinion from the State Comproller’s office, the agreement would appear to be illegal. But it is only illegal if they get caught...