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Sunday, December 2, 2007

Town License Plates were confiscated....

by the New York State Police.

This time trucks previously owned by the Town of New Hartford and "sold" to Al Roberts were pictured on location on Sangertown Mall property (owned by Pyramid Management Group) with town license plates still attached.

You might remember that a few weeks ago we reported about the van with Town of New Hartford license plates that was also pictured at Sangertown Mall. It seems that, Al Roberts, a contractor for Sangertown Mall, who just happens to be related to Councilman David Reynolds (formerly New Hartford Fire Chief) and also related to a member of the town Planning Board Roger Reynolds (formerly known as Mayor of the Village of New Hartford), has been "buying" town equipment at bargain basement prices and somehow the town license plates were left on some of the vehicles sold to Mr. Roberts. Since Mr. Roberts had town license plates, he didn't have to registered the vehicles, didn't have to pay the sales tax, and probably never bothered to insure the vehicles as well. We wonder if the owners of Sangertown Mall knew that Mr. Roberts didn't have the trucks he was using on their property registered or insured. Thank goodness there were no accidents with those trucks...given the fact that the license plates were still registered to the Town of New Hartford.

Look closely... also caught in the picture are two Town of New Hartford police cars...apparently the officers are conferring with each other. Maybe they realize that there seems to be something fishy about those orange trucks that are parked on Sangertown Mall property. Maybe they notice that on the front of those vehicles is what appears to be town license plates.They are probably sitting there just waiting to see who gets into the trucks so they can question them. The fact that the words "Town of New Hartford" on the door are painted over should give it away that those are privately owned trucks. Also, the fact that the license plates on those trucks say "official" should clinch the deal. After all, Concerned Citizens picked right up on it. Let's wait and see....

Apparently the town police did not notice...these pictures were taken last March and the State Police just confiscated the license plates a couple of weeks ago...
Concerned Citizens also wondered about the truck with a sander box. We couldn't find such a sale in the town board minutes. The only thing we found was dump trucks purchased by Al Roberts; that would imply there was a dump box on the back of the trucks that were sold... not a sander box. I wonder if someone forgot to remove the sander box before Mr. Roberts drove off with the dump truck he bought? Hmmm!!??

It would appear that in New Hartford all that matters is...


College Educator said...

The trucks acquired by Al Roberts do not look like they qualify as "surplus" based on the pictures taken.

Also, I was surprised to see the two Town of New Hartford Police Cars just sitting in the lot - watching the pictures being taken.

Did they just come from Dunkin Donuts with their coffee?

You mentioned some sort of box on the truck. Looks like it had salt in it. Just curious, but where did Mr. Roberts obtain the road salt that he was using for PYRAMID MALL (SANGERTOWN)?

Something smells rotten here...

Insulted said...

Police Chief Raymond Philo and his "boys" should go on "LAUGH-IN."

These town misdeeds are shameful and too, ILLEGAL!

Now we have seen our newly elected District Attorney, Scott McNamara attending an awards ceremony for Chief Philo. (Read the New Hartford Town Crier)

Who is in "bed" with whom???

Straight Shooter said...

Is not Pyramid Mall the same Company that Christine Krupa works for? Also, isn't she the recently or newly elected Town Councilman for Ward2?

Seems like Ms. Krupa being an Attorney and Certified Public Accountant may have some problems of her own. She is BOUND by a strict code of Ethics and her licenses may be in jeopardy when possessing constructive, if not actual knowledge of wrongdoings and merely letting them go.

Perhaps, the owner of PYRAMID MALL may want to ask Ms. Krupa to resign her position as Town Councilman?

Houston, we have a problem!!!

New Hartford, N.Y. Online said...

Not sure that Ms. Krupa needs to resign, but I think she may need to face the fact that she may have some difficult choices ahead of her.

Given the fact that her campaign was basically bought and paid for by Earle Reed, she will need to decide whether to "be loyal" or take the bull by the horns and stand up and be counted. There are clearly some serious problems in the Reed administration.

Ms. Krupa needs to understand that by saying nothing you are perceived to be agreeing.

"If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything."

Anonymous said...

Funny thing is, Mr. Roberts got the original contract for plowing the mall from Mr. Adler who was the GM or whatever there, is some kind of relative or something or another of his. He has his trucks over by the Sears Building that was never used by Sears. Wonder if he stores them in there too????

Kinda stinks the OD hasnt picked up on any of this. Gee, I wonder why HA HA!!!!!

Slience DoGood said...

Where can I get a truck like this for such a deal. I have a very wide driveway and could help my neighbors in New York Mills.

New Hartford, N.Y. Online said...

Mr. Roberts has trucks stored in many places. All we will say is "Smile, you're on candid camera!"

As for Mr. Adler and Mr. Roberts being related, we don't know, but it seems that everybody in New Hartford town government and the developers are related in some way.

New Hartford, N.Y. Online said...

We would say to bid on them after they are declared surplus, but most times they aren't declared surplus and it has been reported to us that if an "outsider" bids on surplus equipment, their bid tends to get lost in the shuffle.

N.H. Village Resident said...

I thought the Sangertown Mall Manager was a woman (Donna Houseman). Not sure of the spelling.

From what I have heard this individual spends very little time at her desk and is always seen with Al Roberts.

Is there a connection or are these two being together...JUST A CO-INCIDENCE?

Something tells me there is more to this than meets the eye!

New Hartford, N.Y. Online said...

Concerned Citizens has heard rumors, but that is all it is at this point. Rumors don't necessarily make it so. Since Mr. Roberts is a contractor for the mall, there may be a very legitimate reason.

Curious said...

Who is Adler? I believe I heard his name connected with Lowe's, the one being built adjacent to Twin Orchards.

Is there some kind of family connection here?

I thought it was merely political incest!