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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

I tawt I taw a puddy tat...

As we last reported in our blog, Beware Town of New Hartford...this Bobcat may come back to bite you!, Highway Superintendent Roger Cleveland stated that he would like to auction or sell a 1995 Bobcat MDL853 - Serial Number 512819013 as noted in the September 20, 2006 Town Board minutes. It seemed quite odd since we received the minutes of February 16, 2000 stating that the Bobcat Serial Number 512819013 would be traded in and a new Bobcat was going to be purchased.

Yesterday, we received more of our FOILed documents and among them was copies of two (2) Town of New Hartford Purchase Orders for the Bobcat and extra buckets, the invoice for the new Bobcat Serial Number 514442306, the Town of New Hartford Voucher, and Town of New Hartford check dated September 14, 2000 to pay for the new Bobcat. These documents would be for the Bobcat mentioned in the February 16, 2000 town board minutes.

According to the check copy, the Town of New Hartford paid $10,209 which would indicate that the town did get credit for a trade-in. So did the Highway Superintendent pull a "bait and switch" with the company that sold the town the Bobcat...or was he mistaken in the fact that he had a 1995 Bobcat MDL853 - Serial Number 512819013 to sell?

Additionally, where is the Bobcat Serial Number 514442306 that was purchased in 2000? At the present time, there is no Bobcat listed on the Town insurance.

Lastly, let's take a look at the November 1, 2006 town board minutes regarding the bond issues that were voted on in March 2007. Under the equipment to be bonded for the Highway Dept. is listed:
Heavy Equipment - $797,179 – for purchase of:

One (1) excavating machine (Grad-all)
Three (3) dump/plow trucks
One (1) front-end loader
One (1) leaf machine
One (1) brush truck
One (2) small dump truck
Interesting to note that some of that equipment looks like equipment that was purchased by Mr. Al Roberts. Did the Highway Superintendent sell the equipment before he knew whether or not the bonding would be approved by the voters? Was the Bobcat (front-end loader) included in the equipment that Mr. Roberts "bought" for $9,200? Certainly, there is nothing in the minutes to indicate that the Bobcat was sold to anyone. Did the Highway Superintendent get "caught with his pants down" because the bonding was turned down by the voters and he had already "disposed" of the equipment? We know for a fact that the Town had to take out a Bond Anticipation Note for the Gradall to replace the Badger that was sold without board approval. The Highway Superintendent actually sold the Badger in anticipation of the bonding going through even though he admitted at a town board meeting that he "needs" a multi-purpose excavator. Doesn't make a lot of sense...

Right now the Town of New Hartford has about $1 million in Bond Anticipation Notes...most of them for Highway Equipment...and the deadline to pay them off is fast approaching. How many of the Bond Anticipation Notes are to replace equipment that was "disposed" of needlessly?

1 comment:

Retired said...

In looking over the invoice and noticing that the selling agent gave (allowed) Roger Cleveland a TRADE-IN VALUE of $12,000 for a piece of equipment against a total sales of $17,000 sounds fishy.

What piece of equipment did Roger Cleveland ACTUALLY trade-in. Remember, just like you buy a new car and offer your existing vehicle; the auto dealer gives you very little for your trade-in.

In other words this piece of equipment traded-in to the Rome, New York company MUST have had a market value of double or more...OR there was some bait-and-switch going on in this deal.

Do we know who later bought this traded-in piece of equipment? Was it one of Roger's friends or was there some form of price rigging going on?

Something in this purchase does not sound right and I would appreciate more facts.

Incidentally, I prefer a "nooner" over a "quickie."