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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Gradall Invoice...

According to the Vantage Equipment invoice, on April 27, 2007, Vantage Equipment delivered a 2006 Gradall XL3100 S/N 0210017941, equipped per bid spec, to the Town of New Hartford.

Wait a minute isn't S/N 0210017941 the serial number of the one that is currently being insured and doesn't the 2007-08 Property Insurance list say it is a 2007 Gradall? According to the bid specifications, the bid was only supposed to be for a 2007 Gradall, but the bid sheet doesn't specifically say that is what the town would get. Hmm! Did the town buy a 2006 or the S/N 0210017941 or 0210017817? Is the Gradall the town purchased the same one that has been sitting in the Highway Garage since last September?

According to the Purchase Order & Voucher we received, on 5/21/07, the Town of New Hartford paid $25,000 from Account DB5130.2 Highway Dept - Purchase New Machinery as partial payment for the Gradall XL3100. Additional paperwork, shows the final payment of $182,800 being paid from HE51302 which we believe is the Bond Anticipation Note. Total paid to Vantage is $207,800.

However, that brings us back to the lease/purchase. How much of the lease monies were applied to the purchase to "artificially" make the bid lower so that no one but Vantage Equipment could have won that bid? According to the slide that was on the Town of New Hartford website last November to support the need to bond, the lease expense is to be applied to the purchase price. In addition, if the bid submitted by Vantage Equipment for the Gradall came in at $207,800 in February 2007, how come the lease/purchase signed with Vantage Equipment in September 2006 was for $225,800, particularly when the town was supposedly renting a 2006 and purchasing a 2007?

Concerned Citizens has noticed that many times the serial number, VIN numbers and descriptions do not seem to match from document to document and notations in town board minutes do not match the numbers either. It is either "lousy" accounting of town owned equipment or a deliberate act to confuse.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Boy am I confused..How many Gradalls do we have 1 or 2..If we needed any why was the old one sold, if we did'nt have money to get one why not contract the work by private contractors??? This is back door politics at it finest, anybody want to buy a nice overtaxed house in NH