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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Call it a "quickie" or a "nooner"...

either way New Hartford taxpayers got "screwed"!

Concerned Citizens finds it interesting that not only did Highway Superintendent Roger Cleveland request the town clerk to put an Advertisement to Bid in the Observer Dispatch for equipment that the Town Board did not declare as surplus, but the bid invitation was placed in the October 2, 2006 Observer Dispatch and the bid closing was noon on October 3, 2006. A little over a day...didn't leave much time for inspection of the equipment prior to submitting a bid.

Our guess is that Highway Superintendent Roger Cleveland didn't want anyone to be able to see what they were bidding on...because the bid might just have come in higher. Or just maybe those "involved" already had a "buyer" for the equipment and wanted to make sure that the equipment was "available" (only to them) for a "quick" sale.
October 4, 2006
Page 3

Surplus Vehicle Sale – Rejection of Bids

The Highway Superintendent reported that two (2) Bids had been received Tuesday, October 3, 2006 for the Surplus Vehicle Sale:

Michael Santillo - Bid $2,006 for the 1980 Mack Truck
Harvey Material Corp. - Bid $1,700 for the 1980 Mack Truck.

No bids were received for the remaining four (4) surplus vehicles, i.e., 1995 Badger, 1990 G10 Van, 1996 Crown Victoria, 1999 Crown Victoria.
Funny that Roger Cleveland turned down two (2) bids for the dump truck because he said the bid was below book value, but he had no problem selling the 1995 Badger (Gradall) well below book value. What a joke!
Highway Superintendent Cleveland then reported that after the 12 Noon Bid Opening had closed on Tuesday, October 3, 2006 he received a Bid for all five (5) surplus vehicles, totaling Ninety-two Hundred Dollars ($9200) and he acknowledged receiving a check in this amount. [The name of the bidder had not been disclosed.] Thereafter, upon recommendation of the Highway Superintendent, Councilman Payne offered the following Resolution for adoption and Councilman Reynolds seconded same:

(RESOLUTION NO. 285 OF 2006)

RESOLVED that the Town Board of the Town of New Hartford does hereby reject the bids submitted by Michael Santillo and Harvey Material Corp. for surplus vehicles due to the bid amounts being below the current book value of the vehicles, according to the Highway Superintendent.
Concerned Citizens finds it interesting that some of the vehicles purchased by Mr. Al Roberts are no longer in his possession. In fact, Concerned Citizens has confirmed that Mr. Roberts never did register vehicles...probably never paid sales tax either because the Town of New Hartford doesn't collect sales tax on their sales. He merely turned around and "sold" them to a third party, who shall for the moment be left "unnamed". has been alleged that the Badger was sold for $22,000 to someone else by this "unnamed" person. Not a bad "profit" considering that Mr. Roberts paid $9,200 for the Badger, a dump truck, a van and 2 Crown Victorias.

Doesn't appear that our elected officials were looking out for the taxpayers best interest on this one... not to mention the fact that there are many illegal transactions going on in the Town of New Hartford.


Anonymous said...

You don't suppose that some of that 22,000 found its way into Roger Clevelands pocket, do you?

King Timahoe said...

Lets you run the VIN of all sorts of vehicles. It might cost a few bucks for an in-depth report, but that can tell you where many of these vehicles went.