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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Budgeted Revenues...cont'd

Concerned Citizens has now received the FOILed copy of the 2007 Estimate of Revenues submitted by Dispatch for the 2007 budget...the fees match the 2008 Estimate of Revenues submitted by Dispatch for the 2008 budget! The only problem is...neither the 2007 nor the 2008 Estimate of Revenue Worksheet fees match the 2007 unsigned contracts for each of the villages.

We also received an interesting letter from Ms. Petruccione, Village Clerk in Yorkville. The letter sort of speaks for itself; however, suffice it to say that the Village of Yorkville DOES NOT have copies of the signed Dispatch agreements. It might be interesting to find out if they are even paying the fees for the Town of New Hartford fact, are any of the villages paying the fees without signed contracts?

When revenues are either creates a "slush fund" or it might be a method used to cover over-expenditures in previous years. Of course, then there is the scenario of revenues being understated and expenditures being overstated...that too will create a "slush fund" or cover-up.

Unfortunately, either scenario creates a tax rate that is higher than it needs to much higher is just a matter of how big a "slush fund" or cover-up you "need"! Of course, the whole thing could just be a matter of incompetence! At any rate, Supervisor Reed, may we remind you that you are Chief Financial Officer according to NYS Town Law!

Stay tuned...we have another "mystery" that is starting to unravel. The particulars should be online sometime this afternoon. We may need your help to completely solve this mystery...or maybe any rate you don't want to miss the next episode...

And remember...We've Only Just Begun!


Daily Reader said...

How can we as readers help Concerned Citizens and let other Town people know of how corrupt our town officials really are?

Should we contact the Federal Bureau of Investigation, outside news bureaus, etc.?

Please let us know how we can get the "word" out.

I would like to personally thank you for all the good things you have done, knowing that this must take a lot of time to research and too, spending your own money on town foil requests.

Kudos to you and your staff.

Anonymous said...

Contact the Rome Sentinel. Obviously cause of who's related to whom, the OD sure isnt gonna do anything to "get the word out" about the goings on in your fait town.

Anonymous said...

Edge of our freakin seats here no sarcasm atall!