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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Budgeted Revenues cont'd

Concerned Citizens FOILed 2008 Estimate of Revenue budget worksheets for several town departments.

Looking at the Dispatch 2008 Estimate of Revenues, we can see why the 2008 Budgeted revenues are less than the 2007 unsigned Dispatch contracts...the 2008 revenues projected on the Dispatch budget worksheets are actually less than the 2007 unsigned dispatch contracts that were provided to us. We have FOILed the 2007 Budget Worksheets, but we suspect that the 2007 Dispatch budget worksheets will tell the same story...either Dispatch has been under-reporting the revenues or the contracts are unsigned because they are not actually the monies being collected for the Town of New Hartford Dispatch fees.

Why would the 2008 budget worksheets be less than the 2007 unsigned contracts? It is particularly odd when the Dispatch union contracts were just renewed in May 2006 with additional costs associated with them? Where was Mr. Frank Basile, C.P.A. who is alleged to have help put together this year's budget? According to the September 26, 2007 town board minutes:

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the New Hartford Town Board does hereby retain the services of Frank J. Basile, CPA’s, P.C., 4305 Middle Settlement Road, New Hartford, New York 13413, for the sixteen- (16) month period beginning September 10, 2007 and ending December 31, 2008 for the following consultation services:

  • Assistance with the annual budget process
Didn't anyone check any of the town contracts that are currently in place to make sure that the revenues reported by each department were accurate and that contracts were signed and up-to-date?

One has to wonder if the villages have been paying the Town of New Hartford per the unsigned contracts or per the revenues reported on the Dispatch revenue budget worksheets. According to the 2008 Adopted Budget, Dispatch expenses increased from $474,331 in 2007 to $490,389 in 2008 and yet in, if the worksheets submitted by Dispatch are correct, in 2008 the town is charging these Villages less than was contracted for in 2007. Add to that the fact that to date no 2008 contracts have been signed or presented to the town board?

Interestingly, we just received an email from the Village of New York Mills:
This is to acknowledge your FOIL request of December 13, 2007,
regarding the signed 9-11 dispatch agreements for 2005, 2006, & 2007.

We are researching your request and will contact you soon.
We also FOILed the 2008 Parks Department Budget Worksheets. Mike Jeffrey, Parks Department Head, actually stated on his Estimate of Revenues worksheet that the revenue for Summer Rec Programs & Sponsors would increase from $13,200 in 2007 to $13,500 for 2008. However, look at the 2008 Adopted Budget...there is no revenue projected in 2008 for account AA-2089.0 Fees/Summer Programs. Why?

We are thinking that maybe disbanding the Citizens Budget Committee was not such a hot idea after all...and we are also wondering if anything in this 2008 adopted budget can be believed...also kind of makes the 2007 adopted budget suspect as well!

to be continued...


be said...

Sounds to me like a basis for a negligence and/or malpractice case against Mr. Basile. Certainly, the AICPA would not condone such actions of a CPA.

New Hartford, N.Y. Online said...

Sort of makes it funny that when asked about dissolving the Citizens Budget Committee in the Observer Dispatch article, Supervisor Reed is quoted as saying, "My philosophy is, citizens don't have all the information we have."

All the information they supposedly have didn't seem to do them much good...guess it just goes to show that sometimes you just have to think smarter.

Anonymous said...

Where oh where is the O.C. District Att. and Att. Gen. Cuomo?

Anonymous said...

Theme from the new tv show, "Earle Reed, TS (Town Supervisor)[also starring Roger "Clarabelle" Cleveland]... sung to the tune of "Howdy Doody:"

It's time to cook the books,
And I don't care how it looks,
Those citizens are just a bunch of kooks,
Even when they say we're crooks.

Roger and I will sell some stuff,
And we'll just say it was rough,
They won't get off their duff,
And we'll pocket the money soon enough.

Anybody want to hear the third verse?

Music Man said...

Where is the 3rd and 4th verse?

Anonymous said...

I'm Supervisor of this town
And it's really getting me down
They say I'm Bozo the Clown
My house in Jupiter is brown

I'll just have to pass the buck
And say it was just bad luck
These citizens groups really suck
And I don't give a .... hoot.

Merry Christmas y'all