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Sunday, December 9, 2007

2008 Adopted Budget...

has been and is still being analyzed by members of our group.

Concerned Citizens has had a week or so to start reviewing the Adopted 2008 Town of New Hartford Budget. We have actually been reviewing the budget since we first received the Tentative Budget in early October. However, we decided to give the "benefit of the doubt" and not report until we had the actual APPROVED budget in our hands.

At first, we could not believe what we saw, but it certainly might explain why the Citizens Budget Committee was disbanded shortly after the current administration took office and might also explain why Mr. Frank Basile, CPA was hired to put together the 2008 Budget. Town Law specifically says that the Town Supervisor is Chief Financial Officer of the town. Mr. Basile, we hope you know what you are getting yourself into. Good thing you put some of that wording in your contract, you might need to rely on those words to disassociate yourself from this gang.

After discovering some possible "irregularities" with revenues reported, Concerned Citizens FOILed documents from the Town Clerk and followed up by FOILing some additional documents from surrounding towns and villages. The FOILed documents from the surrounding town and villages confirmed our suspicions.

We will start reporting our findings this week while we wait for some of our other FOILed information for the vehicles and some other rather mysterious "happenings" in the Town of New Hartford.

Please bear with us. As we previously stated, our FOILed documents from the Town of New Hartford seem to be slowing up...however...shortly, we will just go ahead and blog about the "missing documents" and let our readers decide why the FOILed information just doesn't seem to be forthcoming.

Meanwhile, we have posted a copy of the 2008 Adopted Budget for your review.

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