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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

School "Daze"

While we wait for more of our FOILed documents to be available from the Town of New Hartford...and they seem to be taking more time than usual...we thought we would announce the addition of a new section of our website that will contain FOILed documents from New Hartford Central School.

New Hartford Central School "Daze" will be a place to find contracts, "searchable" copies of complete minutes of board meetings, etc. We are currently under construction, but we will be adding more information in the days ahead.

Here's a head's up on some of the FOILed documents that we are waiting for the Town of New Hartford to provide:
Information regarding the sale of a brand-new Moen faucet on eBay
Information on the data used by Councilman Robert A. Payne, III to decide that the Kellogg Road Community Center needs to be closed for the winter months.
copies of sale receipts for vehicles that were sold without board approval
whereabouts of one (1) town vehicle
copies of the Dispatch contracts with New York Mills, Whitestown & Yorkville
copies of the Police contracts for Sangertown Square and St. Luke's Hospital
a copy of the 2008 Approved Town Budget
Hey, it helped us to get a faster response to our FOIL request by blogging about the DMV license surrender receipts. Here's hoping it works again!

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