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Friday, November 16, 2007


Who's in Charge?

On Wednesday, October 30, 2007, Concerned Citizens submitted a FOIL request for five (5) pieces of information regarding town vehicles that were sold in 2006.

Over the next week or so, we will be reporting on our FOIL requests and what we found out...we are breaking it into parts because there is so much information...or lack thereof...that it would make your head spin if we wrote about it all at once!

One of the FOIL requests was for the board resolutions declaring the following vehicles as surplus prior to their sale to...none other than Mr. Al Roberts, a relative of Councilman David Reynolds:
1995 Badger, VIN AG038182 (sold Nov. 1, 2006)

1988 Ford Dump Truck, VIN
1FDYS90L4JVA45633 (sold Jan. 4, 2006)

1988 Ford Dump Truck, VIN
1FDYS90L6JVA45634 (sold Jan. 4, 2006)

1994 GMC (3HD) Dump Truck, VIN
1GDKC34F1RJ502454 (sold Jan. 4, 2006)
The town clerk sent us an email on October 31, 2007 saying that she hopes to have a response to our FOIL request by November 14, 2007 at the latest.

Today, November 16th and still we did not receive a response. We had other town business at the Town Clerk's office so we stopped in to check on our FOIL request.

The Town Clerk said that they have looked through the minutes in 2005 and 2006 and haven't been able to find anything yet. We're not surprised! If the Town Clerk finds these board resolutions, we will report it here...but don't sit on the edge of your chair waiting.

We informed the Town Clerk that she wouldn't be able to find anything because there never was a board resolution authorizing the Highway Superintendent, Roger Cleveland, to sell these vehicles as "surplus". We have "searchable" town board minutes on our website and we are confident that there never were any resolutions authorizing the Roger Cleveland to sell these vehicles.

According to Town Law:

S 64. General powers of town boards. Subject to law and the provisions of this chapter, the town board of every town:

2-a. Acquisition and sale of personal property. May take, purchase,lease, sell and dispose of personal property as the purposes of the town may require, except as otherwise provided by law.

3. Management, custody and control of town property. Shall have the management, custody and control of all town lands, buildings and property of the town and keep them in good repair and may cause the same to be insured against loss or damage by fire or other hazard.
By law, the town board has control of ALL town property. Therefore, no town property should be sold without a resolution of the town board.

To be gets better...much better!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

It gets better and better every day, doesnt it?? So...........when is someone gonna get the Town investigated for all this mischief??