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Thursday, November 1, 2007

One of these things...

From the Regular Town Board Meeting, January 4, 2006 - page 5:

Highway Superintendent:

Disposition of Surplus Vehicles
Upon report of the Highway Superintendent, Councilman Woodland introduced the following Resolution for adoption; seconded by Supervisor Reed:


WHEREAS, by Resolution No. 208 adopted July 20, 2005, the Town Board declared the following vehicles as surplus and authorized the Town Supervisor to solicit bids for the public sale of the surplus vehicles:

1989 Chevrolet Suburban - VIN 1GNER16K2KF179482
1990 Chevrolet Van - VIN 1GCCG15Z3178151162
1991 Chevrolet Pick-up - VIN 1GCGS14ZXM2153887
1995 Jeep Cherokee - VIN 1J4FJ68S4SL507785
1995 Jeep SPT - VIN 1J4FJ68S0SL646389
1996 Ford Crown Victoria - VIN 2FALP71W6TX167995
1996 Ford Crown Victoria - VIN 2FALP71W2TX167993
1996 Ford Suburban - VIN 1FUKE30H9SHB62081; and

WHEREAS, the Highway Superintendent acknowledged receipt of a sole bid on January 4, 2006 which had been canvassed and subsequently discussed with the Public Works & Sewer Committee;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the New Hartford Town Board does hereby accept the sole bid submitted by Roberts Construction of Upstate New York in the amount of Eight Thousand Dollars ($8,000) and does hereby sell the following vehicles to said Roberts Construction, in “as is” condition, with no warranties implied or expressed:

1988 Ford Dump Truck, VIN 1FDYS90L4JVA45633
1988 Ford Dump Truck, VIN 1FDYS90L6JVA45634
1989 Chevrolet Suburban, VIN 1GNER16K2KF179482
1991 Chevrolet (S-10) Pick-up Truck, VIN 1GCGS14ZXM2153887
1994 GMC (3HD) Dump Truck, VIN 1GDKC34F1RJ502454
1995 Jeep Cherokee, VIN 1J4FJ68S4SL507785.

The Resolution was declared unanimously carried and duly ADOPTED.
Did you notice anything different about the first group of vehicles listed as 'surplus' vs. the vehicles sold in the second list? That's right...none of the three vehicles below are listed as surplus, yet they were sold.

1988 Ford Dump Truck, VIN 1FDYS90L4JVA45633
1988 Ford Dump Truck, VIN 1FDYS90L6JVA45634
1994 GMC (3HD) Dump Truck, VIN 1GDKC34F1RJ502454

In fact, we can't find anywhere in the town board minutes where these dump trucks have been declared 'surplus' by the town board and we have "searchable" minutes on our website! We submitted a FOIL request to the town clerk for the board resolutions and we were told that she expects to have our requested documents by November 14, 2007. Sure!

These three dump trucks were purchased by the same gentleman who purchased the van with town license plates that has been photographed on Sangertown Mall property being driven by a person doing landscaping and maintenance of the mall. He is also a relative of a current board member...right Mr. Reynolds?

So he bought all these vehicles for $8,000. Either they are a piece of crap or he got one HELL of a deal! I wonder if these dump trucks came complete with plows and Town of New Hartford license has been reported to us that this purchaser has quite a few 'surplus' Town of New Hartford trucks, etc. that are used to plow and maintain the mall grounds. Guess the Town of New Hartford's loss is Sangertown Square's man's trash is another man's they say!

Just who is minding the store in the Town of New Hartford, anyway?


Anonymous said...

Is not Pyramid the Company, Christine Krupa works for?

I wonder who has "dirty" hands?

The Angry Engraver said...

This week on "As The Town Turns".....

Wonder if this soap opera will be picked up for another year?

New Hartford, N.Y. Online said...

Yes, Ms. Krupa, though she doesn't like to admit it, does work for Pyramid Management Company who owns Sangertown Square. What group do you think will be foremost on her mind as she decides how to vote on issues facing our town...developers?

We are hoping that Russ Cerminaro will be elected for Ward 2 Councilman on November 6th so he can start changing the way business is being done in New Hartford.

Russ will only be 1 voice on the board, but he will be the voice of the people and he will speak up. He may not be able to change the way a vote goes because there are three voices--Reed, Reynolds & Payne who think they own the town. But getting Russ on the board will be a will take another vote in 2009 to completely change the way New Hartford does business.

Together, we can make a change!

Anonymous said...

That youtube video, like Mastercard, is priceless ... Describes the situation perfectly.

Strikeslip said...

The Town was absolutely serious when it said the vehicles would be sold "as is" . . . license plates and all!