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Monday, November 19, 2007

It's Time to Say Goodbye...

Regarding the possibility of term limits being set for Town of New Hartford Planning Board members, Supervisor Reed was quoted in the November 16, 2007 Observer Dispatch as saying "A one-term limit would help ensure members have fresh ideas" .

This would be a good idea if people with "fresh" ideas were chosen. However, as we have seen previously you only get chosen if you are one of the "in" crowd. In other words, you have to have the same ideas as the current administration (being related to one of them also helps).

Here are the Planning Board members and the date their term expires:
Planning Board Member Jerome F. Donovan...12/31/2007
Planning Board Member Robert Imobersteg...12/31/2008
Planning Board Chairman Hans Arnold...12/31/2009
Planning Board Member Rodger Reynolds...12/31/2010
Planning Board Member Margaret Rotton...12/31/2011
Planning Board Member Robert Wood...12/31/2012
Planning Board Member Ellen Rayhill...12/31/2013
Supervisor Reed is also quoted as saying "Planning Board member Jerome Donovan's term ends this year, but term limits would not apply until at least 2008".

If you read between the lines, there is either someone that the Town Supervisor wants off the Planning Board... or someone who he wants on the Planning Board more than the next person whose term limit is up (of course, not including Jerome Donovan) because as Supervisor Reed correctly states in that Observer Dispatch article "members currently can serve indefinitely IF they are approved by the Town Board". Guess no one on the current Town Board has the "nerve" to turn down a current Planning Board member who might want to's just easier to use a term limit excuse.

So to the next Planning Board member whose term expires...not including Jerome Donovan...(and you know who you are)...we dedicate this song to you.

And no wonder Hans Arnold is worried and said in the same Observer Dispatch article "having experience on the board is needed for a town that has a lot of development". Guess he would like to stay...his term is up in December 2009...this should be interesting!

We will be back to the Badger Invitational shortly...waiting for some more FOILed documents. Don't go away!

1 comment:

Curious said...

Seems to me that Earle Reed et al., wants to keep ONLY his political hatchet people.

My guess is that Mr. Reed wants to eliminate: Planning Board Member Robert Imobersteg...12/31/2008

The big question remains...why?

Incidentally, I did notice that the Rayhill legal firm is connected, too!

Is this all the town has to offer...REPUBLICANS?

What happened to bi-partisanship?

New Hartford has just as many Democrats as they do Republicans. I never knew that ONLY Republicans speak for the town residents.

Did I miss something in the word DEMOCRACY?