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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Case of the missing FS-6T receipts...

So the Town of New Hartford sells a vehicle...and needs to remove the insurance. Someone has to go to the DMV and surrender the license plates. The town, just like anyone else who surrenders their license plates, receives a FS-6T law, the receipt is needed by the insurance company before they can remove the insurance. Easy...except that:

After learning of the Town of New Hartford license plates that were left on the van that was sold to Al Roberts and said van was being driven by Mr. Roberts using those Town of New Hartford license plates, we FOILed the FS-6T receipts for several other vehicles sold by the Town of New Hartford. We wanted to see if other vehicles were sold by the town with license plates still attached. The town clerk said we would have the information no later than November 14, 2007.

We didn't receive the on November 16th we visited the town clerk's office to see what the problem was. The Town Clerk said she is trying to get the information, but it appears that the receipts may not be available. We were told that "sometimes we just look at the receipt, crumple it up and throw it away."

Really? Goodness, we would think that would be part of the permanent record that should be kept 'just in case' the town ever needs to prove that the license plates were turned in. Trouble is, now the Town Clerk doesn't know if the FOILed FS-6T receipts were "crumpled up and thrown away" or the license plates were never turned in and therefore, the receipts never existed in the first place.

The Town Clerk said she was working with the Highway Superintendent's...secretary by day...$20 an hour Highway Garage cleaner by night person to see if she might have kept the receipts. As of today, we have heard nothing further.

Thank goodness, just in case, the town destroyed or 'crumpled up' the receipts, the DMV has provided a way to get copies. Of course, this assumes that the plates were turned in to begin with.

For the record, the van sold to Mr. Roberts is not the only sold "surplus" vehicle being driven around with Town of New Hartford license plates...we have pictures of other sold vehicles with town license plates...the word "Official" on the license plates give it away!

Don't forget our Anonymous Tip Line! We appreciate the responses so far and we hope you will keep sending information no matter how insignificant you might think it is. Piece by piece, we are putting the puzzle together. Soon the whole picture will start to emerge.

Together, we can make a change!

1 comment:

DEAD Skunk In The Middle of the Road said...

The Town Clerk should be working on her applications for a new job..."RETIREMENT!"

Mrs. Gail Wolanin-Young is a disgrace to the position she has held for many years. It certainly does appear that she is nothing more than "one of the boys."

When the smell gets too great...then it must be eradicated!

The Town of New Hartford's antics has created a stench that reaches into other towns, villages and cities.

Let us hope that other town leaders will too, eradicate the stench that permeates Oneida County