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Friday, November 30, 2007

Beware Town of New Hartford...

this Bobcat may come back to "bite" you.

On November 18, 2007, we sent the following FOIL request to the Town Clerk's office:

We would like to FOIL:

Information regarding the sale of the 1995 Bobcat MDL853 as noted on page 3 of the September 20, 2006 Town Board minutes (see below). We would like the sale date, how it was sold (bid invitation or eBay, etc.), how much it was sold for, and who it was sold to. If sold by bid invitation, we would like a copy of the bid sheets for all bids submitted.

Page 3 of the Sept. 20, 2006 minutes reads as follows:

Surplus Vehicle Sale
The Highway Superintendent would like to auction or sell to someone who is interested in purchasing the following vehicles directly from the Town:

1995 Bobcat MDL853 - Serial Number 512819013
1980 Mack Dump - VIN RM6864X1160

A discussion was held regarding the possibility of trying to sell these vehicles on e-bay. It was the consensus of the Board to declare these vehicles as surplus and to sell them. Councilman Payne will discuss putting these vehicles on e-bay with the Highway Superintendent.
Today, November 30, 2007, we received an email from the Town Clerk saying we could pick up the information we FOILed regarding the Bobcat.

We went to the town clerk's office and we were given a copy of two (2) pages from the February 16, 2000 Town Board minutes. The Feb. 16, 2000 minutes refer to the Bobcat in question ID #512819013; however, the minutes state that this Bobcat was to be surrendered to the vendor for a $12,000 trade-in value toward another Bobcat. Upon delivery of said trade-in, the Supervisor shall pay the sum of Nine Thousand Five Hundred Seventy-four Dollars ($9,574) from proceeds of obligations. Please, take the time to read the minutes from 2000...we have outlined the pertinent information with a red box.

We have several questions:

1. If the Bobcat was traded in as a result of the adoption of Resolution No. 50 of 2000, how could it possibly be available to auction or sell on Sept. 20, 2006---over 6 years later?

2. Did the Town of New Hartford purchase a Bobcat from Melrose Ingersoll-Rand, Fargo, Nevada in 2000. If the town did, where is that Bobcat now because the insurance company is NOT even listing a Bobcat as being insured by the Town of New Hartford.

3. And if the town did purchase a Bobcat from this company, did Roger Cleveland not see to it that the 1995 Bobcat to be traded-in reached the Melrose Ingersoll-Rand Co. or did the Town end up paying the entire $21,574 for the Bobcat that now appears to also be "missing" along with the Bobcat noted in the September 20, 2006 minutes?

This brings us back to the same question...where is the Bobcat referred to in the September 26, 2006 minutes...1995 Bobcat MDL853 - Serial Number 512819013? If it wasn't traded in 2000 and there is no sale noted in the minutes...where is it?

Apparently, the town is NOT able to answer the FOILED questions; instead they provide us with some "baloney" that just opened up a whole new batch of questions. Personally, guys, you would have been better off keeping those minutes to yourselves, but it just proves how ridiculous recordkeeping is in the Town of New Hartford...a progressive town...that is getting progressively worse. Please...somebody help us!!

Wait until tomorrow's blog...we were given other FOILed documents today and they are even more unbelievable!

1 comment:

Dumb Like A Fox said...

What we have hear is "bait and switch." However, there is more than just hanky-panky going on. There is undeniable and incontrovertible exampleS of FRAUD being perpetrated upon Town residents by Town Highway Supervisor, Roger Cleveland and his Group of conspirators.

Roger Cleveland must be investigated and prosecuted in these matters. God only knows how far and how many it includes in his grandiose schemes.

Where the hell is that recently elected Oneida County District Attorney? Did everyone read he attended the Chief Ray Philo Dinner where our illustrious Chief of Police was honored. Did I say HONORED?

There are more foxes TAKING from the Town's Chicken Coop!