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Saturday, November 17, 2007

The Badger Invitational...

Let's look at the 1995 Badger, VIN AG038182 sold on November 1, 2006 to Al Roberts as I mentioned in my previous blog.

Keep in mind...a Badger and a Gradall are basically the same piece of equipment...that fact is important because it is part of the puzzle pieces that we will put together as we go along! It's sort of like a Chevy vs. a Ford.

On November 1, 2006, the Town of New Hartford votes to sell the town's 1995 Badger to Al Roberts without the town board first declaring it surplus. Excerpt from town board minutes [emphasis placed on some words by this blogger]:
Surplus Vehicle Sale

With authorization being given at the October 18, 2006 Town Board meeting, the Highway Superintendent had contacted the Town of Vernon with regard to purchasing surplus Town equipment; they declined, not wanting to expend $9200, the Town’s threshold. Subsequently, the Highway Superintendent received a bid from Al Roberts of Roberts Construction of Upstate New York, Inc. who submitted a proposal to purchase the surplus vehicles for $9200 and submitted full payment. Town Board consensus was to sell the following vehicles to Mr. Roberts for $9200:

· one (1) 1980 Mack Dump Truck, VIN RM6864X1160
· one (1) 1995 Badger, VIN AG038182
· one (1) 1990 Chevrolet G10 Van, VIN 1GCDG15Z3L7151162
· one (1) 1996 Ford Crown Victoria, VIN 2FALP71W6TX167995
· one (1) 1999 Ford Crown Victoria, VIN 2FAFP71WXXX185788
Notice how the November 1, 2006 minutes above sort of conflict with the October 4, 2006 minutes below [emphasis applied to the words by this blogger]:
Highway Superintendent Cleveland then reported that after the 12 Noon Bid Opening had closed on Tuesday, October 3, 2006 he received a Bid for all five (5) surplus vehicles, totaling Ninety-two Hundred Dollars ($9200) and he acknowledged receiving a check in this amount. [The name of the bidder had not been disclosed.]
You can't be called a bidder if you submit the bid AFTER the Bid Opening! Mr. Al Roberts pays $9,200 for the 1995 Gradall and 4 other vehicles...not as the result of the bid invitation that was placed in the paper by the Town Clerk, but as a result of the $9,200 check that Roger Cleveland received from Mr. Al Roberts after the bidding is closed. Mr. Roberts didn't bother to submit a bid; but Roger Cleveland just happens to have the check in his pocket at the October 4, 2006 town board meeting. At that meeting, Roger Cleveland advises the town board not to accept the other 2 bids that were received for the 1980 Mack Dump Trucks because the bids are below book value.

After some discussion that took place over 3 board meetings, the town board finally approved the deal. Here are links to the New Hartford Town Board meetings where the discussions took place:

October 4, 2006

October 18, 2006

November 1, 2006

Now let's look at a excerpt from page 7 of the Town of Whitestown Town Board Minutes dated July 20, 2005 about 14 months prior to the Town of New Hartford bid invitation in September 2006:
The Town Board also received sealed bids for Whitestown’s surplus vehicles and equipment. They are as follows:

1. 1983 Badger (Gradall) VIN#171581

$3,250.00 – Dominick A. Talerico
$9,551.00 – Louis Cosimino
As you can see, the Town of Whitestown received a high bid of $9,551 for a 1983 Badger (Gradall). Whereas, the Town of New Hartford sold a 1995 Badger (without the town board first declaring it surplus) plus four (4) other vehicles for $9,200 and outside the bidding process!!

We can assume that one or more of the following may be in play here:

  • The Town of Whitestown just got lucky...after all there is a 'sucker' born every minute, isn't there?
  • the Town of Whitestown probably found the last 'sucker' born in the Mohawk Valley...beating us out by just a few short months.
  • The book value of Badgers took a sharp decline from July 2005 to October 2006. The 1995 models are worth less now than the 1983 models were just 15 months previous. Must be a "supply and demand" type issue.
  • Houston, we have a problem!

By the way, in March 2007, Concerned Citizens contacted a person who is "in the business" and he estimated that the 1995 Badger alone, not to mention the other four (4) vehicles ( unless the Badger was not well maintained) would be worth between $12,000-$18,000.

Have I mentioned that Al Roberts is a relative of a Town Board member?

Don't go be continued! It's gonna get better before all is said and done!


King Timahoe said...

OK at this point I suggest you place a call to the NYS Office of the Attorney General. Don't be suprised if they're familiar with some of this already.

Its clearly time when you should be preparing a written complaint. Several in fact. This whole blog shows you they'll still continue this, unimpeded by their media.

BTW: There's NO WAY the OD will report this. They have family relations within New Hartford town Admin. You'll get nowhere with THAT scum.

Anonymous said...

The Utica OD, only reports all the good news from the infamous economic engine of fair county. Now I know why. It's the New Hartford OD now HA HA.

Gee, all the work Mr. Roberts has done on his village home, I wonder if all his permits and zoning are in order too?? Hmmmmm!

Astute Reader said...

king timahoe,

Are you referring to the fact that Gail Wolanin-Young is the first cousin to Jerry and Donna Donovan?

Anonymous said...

We could use some kind of New Hartford Government Family Tree. Would make all this a little more fun.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Mr. Roberts, wonder if there was any competitive bidding when the house next to the NH firehouse was demolished. I understand he did that work?

History Buff said...

Al Roberts is married to one of the Reynold's brothers daughter.

What we have going on here is a massive conspiracy and collusion of New Hartford Town Board members who knew of this relationship failed to exercise due diligence or something else may just be involved...bigger than we all suspect.

Remember John Kazanjian and John Topor and how they were prosecuted by the Oneida County District Attorney's Office? They were removed from office and the entire town board should be removed, too.