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Friday, October 19, 2007

There seems to be enough arrogance to go around...

in the Town of New Hartford.

Mr. Zurek's Letter to the Editor in the October 20, 2007 Observer Dispatch:

Regarding an Oct. 7 letter:

The Open Meeting Law speaks for itself. It serves the public well and does not shut anyone out from information of record, upon request.

The voices of New Hartford and New York Mills people were heard on Primary Day, when they chose Attorney Christine Krupa to represent them on the Town Board.

New York Mills
Our response:

Mr. Zurek, your statement would be assuming that the only Ward 2 people who reside in New Hartford and New York Mills are Republicans…in case you are not aware, the September 18 Primary was only a Republican Primary—I don’t believe that qualifies as the people being heard—less than half the registered voters in Ward 2 are Republicans.

Mr. Zurek, you seem to be forgetting the other 2,000+ registered Ward 2 voters in New Hartford and New York Mills. Last time we looked at the voter registration database (which, by the way, was just a couple of minutes ago), there are Democrats, Conservatives, Right to Life, Libertarian, Green Party, Independents, etc. Do they not count in your book? And for the record, Ms. Krupa won by 19 votes. Considering that Russ Cerminaro went against the New Hartford Republican 'machine', I would hardly call a 19 vote win a mandate! Voter turnout was extremely what about the other 1,000+ registered Ward 2 Republicans that didn't vote the Primary, Mr. Zurek? Are they left out of the picture too?

You seem to fit in with the rest of the current ‘leaders’ in New Hartford; they also seem to think they are the only ones that count. What happened to democracy? Government for the people by the people…that means all people, Mr. Zurek, even you!

By the way, funny you should mention the Open Meetings Law. Not quite sure how that fits into the election results; however, you are right, the Open Meetings Law does speak for itself…unfortunately, the present town government doesn’t seem to be listening. And we don’t understand why we haven’t heard Ms. Krupa, the attorney, speak out on that one. Just where does she stand on that issue, Mr. Zurek? Her silence seems to indicate that she agrees with her supporters…Earle Reed & Co.

And while we are on the subject, just where would it be that Ms. Krupa practices law…at Pyramid Management Company where she works? How come she never mentions where she works, Mr. Zurek?

We must admit that most of the members of Concerned Citizens are Republicans; however, we will not support an arrogant and corrupt administration. Concerned Citizens chooses to believe that many others in Ward 2 feel the same way, but how about we leave that up to the voters in November...ALL Ward 2 voters...not just the few Republicans that voted on Primary Day?

Regardless of your party affiliation, ALL registered voters in Ward 2 who agree with us will find Russ Cerminaro on row 10-F. Russ would appreciate your support. For a list of streets that are in Ward 2, visit Russ Cerminaro's website.

Concerned Citizens is a bi-partisan group of people who believe in the democratic process; we will await the final count!

Together we can make a change!

1 comment:

New Hartford Voter said...

Mr. Zurek's "Letter to the Editor" with regard to the Observer Dispatch's well written [constructive] criticism of the Town Board's refusal to ALLOW for OPENESS of the Stormwater Committee Meetings was somewhat myopic.

Mr. Zurek, himself a former political official forgets to inform the readers that Christine Krupa just happens to be his NIECE! He conveniently forgets to inform the public of this fact. Defending one's family is one thing; defending ignorance is yet another!

I too, agree that his niece's "win" was not the "will" of the people. In fact, it shows how fractioned the REPUBLICAN Party really is, especially, in the Town of New Hartford.

Mr. Zurek would do well to remain in retirement and when he does speak, try speaking the facts which ultimately leads to the truth.

Lastly, New York Mills and New Hartford will speak to elect Ward 2 Councilman - Candidate (Russell Cerminaro) in the November election.

I would ask that each Town Resident vote Row 10-F for Honesty & Integrity in Town Government.