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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Councilman Ward 2...Fact vs. Fiction (cont'd)

Ms. Krupa believes that the town website is in dire need of improvement and can be made more user friendly. Is that a fact?

You know for 2 1/2 years the Town website was user-friendly and top-notch. The webmasters even had other towns writing to compliment New Hartford on their website. The best thing about it was that the website development cost taxpayers nothing, notta, not one! The former webmasters even donated their own supplies, purchased extra software to be able to add some of the niceties, worked well into the night and sometimes through the night. They offered their time...not because they were getting paid to do the work, but because they took pride in their town and they hoped that in some small way they could give back to the community they lived in for almost 40 years.

Before these webmasters came on board, information was scarce. The town often times only relied on the Observer Dispatch to get the word out so if you didn't subscribe to the Observer Dispatch, information was not readily available. Remember the State Reassessment Program that nobody knew about until they received a Change of Assessment Notice in the mail? We have heard that is the event that prompted the former webmasters to offer to donate their time. They wanted to be sure that never again would something that big happen in New Hartford and the residents were left "in the dark", so to speak.

But then along came Councilman Robert A. Payne, III with his half-baked plan to "partner with the school". The former webmasters tried to tell the town board that the experience level needed to maintain a professional website was beyond the capabilities of high school students, but some members of the town board, Mr. Payne, in particular would not listen.

I seem to remember a very smug Councilman Payne saying at the June 2006 town board meeting that the assessments would be online within a week. Actually at that same meeting, Councilman Waszkiewicz suggested that the town board should thank the former webmasters for their hard-work and dedication. But, do you know that other than Councilman Waszkiewicz, not one board member had the courtesy to even acknowledge the former town webmasters? Not even Town Supervisor Earle C. Reed. They all just sat there with blank stares. All that work, time and expense those former webmasters donated and not one person on the town board was gracious enough to acknowledge the former webmasters publicly.

So now Ms. Krupa wants to campaign on the belief that the website is in dire need of improvement. Well, Ms. Krupa, you can thank your Republican supporters on the town board for that one. Perhaps someone will ask Ms. Krupa how much of our tax dollars she is willing to spend to see to it that the "user-friendly" website she envisions is as "user-friendly" as the FREE website the Town had before Mr. Reed, Mr. Payne & Mr. Reynolds took office. By the way, the current "official" town website is now being done by the Dispatch Supervisor...guess the town board found out that it was not viable to have students from New Hartford Central School take on the task. Sometimes it is better not to attempt to "fix" something if it isn't broken, aye, Mr. Payne?

Time for Change!


Mrs Mecomber said...

You've done a very good job with the website. I am one of the many people who have benefitted from it. If the Town Board won't say thanks, at least I will.


New Hartford, N.Y. Online said...

Thanks Mrs. Mecomber. The "official" town website is now done by the Dispatch Supervisor.

We only maintain New Hartford, N.Y. Online and our site has no connection with the town.