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Monday, August 6, 2007

Wake up New Hartford residents...

you are being mistaken for fools!

Increasing the size of government when the population is decreasing is one way of “controlling” what goes on in government. If people do not wake up soon, it will not take long before a “majority” of people in the Town of New Hartford, either work for the town or school, are married to someone who works in the town or school or are related to someone who works in the town or school; the “average” Joe Taxpayer will be the minority and his vote will be worthless.

“Partnership”, by their terms, is another way to ensure that whatever government wants, government will get and has nothing to do with consolidation as you and I may define it. Remember when Dan Gilligan, Superintendent of New Hartford School, sent out a memo telling school employees to be sure to vote on the March 29, 2007 Town bonding?

Meanwhile these “lazy-ass” town and school employees spend their time reading all the different websites and blogs (and other things out there on the "information highway"). Maybe I should start reporting how much time in a day both the school and town spend reading our Four (4) websites and this blog. Then I can also tell you just what websites and blogs they arrive from and go to after they read ours.

I have a feeling that if they spent less time on the internet, they would have more time to be able to respond to Freedom of Information requests in a more timely fashion! Of course, that would assume that they really want to respond in a timely fashion.

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Crapper said...

Just read the Observer Dispatch, Story Chat about the Town of New Hartford and how they want to build another park.

When and where does this stupidity end?

Let's take care of all the sh*t the Town Officials have allowed to go untreated and into the Mohawk River.

Silence DoGood said...

I am an Average Joe who believes in what you are saying, you just have to multiply it by all the villages, towns city and county governments not to mention all the authorities, ie Thruway etc and the way it adds up is probably half the state either works for or is retired from some type of government entity.
What did Congressmen Bolhert(sp) do when he retired from his the heck out of here...what does that tell you...We dont stand a chance we "Average Joe's"