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Monday, August 13, 2007

Animal Control and Red Rats

On July 23, 2007, just like I said I would in my blog, I went over to the Town Clerk's office to try and straighten out the mess regarding the licensing of my dogs. I am told, no problem, we have corrected the information in our computer; we apologize for the problem and this will be the last of it.

First thing this morning, my doorbell rings. It's Animal Control to inform me that my license for Bandit has expired and I failed to renew it. That would be Bandit, the dog that passed away in June. Animal Control says they cannot imagine why my name keeps appearing on their reports.

Well, duh, does harassment come to mind or should I just chalk it up to sheer stupidity? And we pay their salaries. Doesn't seem fair!


Crime Dog said...

I think this should be investigated to determine if their actions were sheer stupidity or just plain ineptness.

My gut instinct tells me the sum total of the letters and personal visit by the Town's Animal Control Officer was HARASSMENT by Town Officials.

Incidentally, the ACO position should be transferred to the County because the Town simply does not need more patronage jobs. Let's control expenditures not create VOTING EMPIRES!

Mrs Mecomber said...

In a sane town, the Animal Control Officer would check out his "reports" with the Town Official directly, to be sure they are correct, rather than continually hound the dog owners for money.

P.S. For my dog's license, it keeps showing that she has not been spayed-- but she has. The extra charge appears every year and every year I must remind them. The secretary tells me it is an error on the "state" level, but the incorrect bill I get is from the town. ???

Dog Lover said...

We have a neighbor who uses the police and animal control to harass us at every turn. She claied our dog "bit" her yet the dog is so gentle and sweet she hardly even "bites" her food. She's so "unexcitable" that it takes 10 minutes sometimes to get her to even play, and she doesn't bite even in play.

Somehow, she has that Judy Quizno (or more accurately "Quagmire" under her thumb, and Judy has come here to take our pets away to "monitor" them for rabies at about 80 bucks a shot for 2 weeks. Despite their having papers/license etc.

Our one older little dog used to bark a lot, so our neighbor would call Judy Quagmire 2-3 times a week.... yet the people who live next to the complainant have a new dog that barks ALL DAY (Gibson Road)yet they don't call once about that....

So you can see that animal control is yes indeed used as a "Harassment Tool" around these parts.

I think that all the various troubles of this area will come to a head at one point... the Town has been bankrupt (morally and otherwise) by certain career-scum...

The end of this era is coming I think.