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Monday, June 18, 2007

Meanwhile, behind the scene......


Mr. Clean said...

I think we need pictures of the real culprits as identified.

While the humor in this is welcomed, it does leave me saddened that our leaders do not care one darn bit about the people.

Time to "flush" these Republicans down the toilet and into the rest of the County's sewage.

Anonymous said...

WAY OFF TOPIC BUT....I am a resident of Higby Road and despite numerous c alls to the P.D. and councilman the speeding and lack of enforcement the posted 35 MPH on the road is incredible(including town trucks and SCHOOL BUSES!)The only place you see enforcement is in the commercial areas including radar along very rural areas of 840. Talk about misplaced manpower.

While I'm at it ...the tragic accident involving the sixth grade student and the NHCS response is unbelievable.Instead of treating it as the tragedy that it was and using it as a lesson of life and how to appropriately respond to such an occurrance ,the superintendent issues a lame statement and concludes by saying that it will be business as usual ,that the"graduation" will go on.
Where have all our leaders gone?

New Hartford Voter said...


You hit the nail right on the head!

I find it interesting that the Observer Dispatch withheld this story since Wednesday? Whom are they covering up for?

No doubt a lawsuit against the School District, naming the Superintendent for allowing these things to happen.

Anonymous said...

Gilligan says he HOPES to visit Jessie next week. You mean to tell me that he hasn't done that yet? What a sorry excuse for a leader and a human being!