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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Another recount?

So did the stormwater prop. pass or not?What is the status of this whole sorry mess? said Anonymous on our last post.

Let me tell you the story as we know it today...

Last Thursday, April 5, 2007, we were told that members of our group, Concerned Citizens for Honest & Open Government, could meet at the Town Clerk's office today, April 10, 2007 to review the voting records & certifications for the March 29, 2007 bond vote. The Town Clerk only asked that we call first thing in the morning to confirm that someone could assist us--the Town Clerk is out of town so we were to speak to the Deputy Clerk.

We called about 8:15 a.m. this morning and spoke to the Deputy Clerk. She gave her o.k. for us to meet at the Town Clerk office at 1:30 this afternoon.

Within a couple of minutes we get a call back from the Deputy Clerk saying that she spoke to the Town Clerk and the Town Clerk plans on having another recount in a day or two and everyone who is interested may attend. Therefore, we are not allowed to look over the records today. So how many recounts does that make? Three, four...I've lost count of the recounts!

Interestingly, the Wednesday, April 11, 2007 town board agenda has "Results of Special Election" under the Town Clerk's agenda items.

It would appear that there is much confusion in the Town of New Hartford. Perhaps it is because the story is being made up as they go along. Residents should be outraged!


Educator said...

I received a phone call and was told the following:

A call placed to the Town Clerk today to obtain information concerning the date the legal ad was e-mailed to the Gannett Bighamton central processing area was unknown by each of the four - five personnel working in the Town Clerk's office.

Oh, I forgot to tell the readers...the Town Clerk is on VACATION and will not be back (?) until tomorrow (Wednesday - 4-11-2007). However, the Deputy Clerk can reach the Town Clerk on her cell phone. Interesting...

Would you also believe that the Deputy Town Clerk did not know the name of the Storm Water Bond Counsel, however, had to call the Town Attorney (Jerry Green, Esq.) who was unavailable(?)

Once again, who is running the New Hartford Town Government? A bunch of people who cannot think and speak for themselves?

I find it incredulous that in the absence of the Town Clerk; the Deputy Clerk CANNOT and WILL NOT say or do anything to move progress along.


Strikeslip said...

Residents should be more than outraged. If the Town Clerk refuses to disclose the certified voting results, then the public is entitled to conclude that the results are contrary to the results that she has announced. I too heard what you heard.