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Friday, March 2, 2007

Missing from the March 1, 2007 OD article - Sidewalks

The Observer Dispatch article on Thursday, March 1, 2007 seemed to be missing a few key points made at the "informational" meeting on February 28, 2007. Please allow me to fill in the gaps.

One of the questions asked by Concerned Citizens for Honest & Open Government was "Can you tell us exactly who is on the Resident Sidewalk Committee that keeps being mentioned in all the slide presentations?" This is the committee who is supposedly meeting to decide where new sidewalks will be located in the Town of New Hartford. See slide below:

And the members of the Resident Sidewalk Committee are: (Drum roll, please!)

Roger Cleveland - Highway Superintendent
Raymond Philo - Chief of Police
Kurt Schwenzfeier - Town Planner
Mike Jeffrey - Parks Dept. Director
Hans Arnold - Planning Committee Chair
Peter Rayhill (Philip A. Rayhill Memorial Trail)
John D'Amore - Mason contractor & Parks Dept. Committee
J.C. Waszkiewicz III - Ward 2 Councilman

When we asked where are the "residents" on the Resident Sidewalk Committee, the smug retort by Ward 1 Councilman Robert A. Payne, III was "aren't they all residents?" Well, aren't you just a barrel of laughs, Mr. Robert A. Payne III?

First of all, no they aren't. I don't believe that Mike Jeffery is a Town of New Hartford resident. Second of all, they all seem to have a "special" connection to the town and a vested interest in putting in sidewalks. Don't you think so, Councilman Payne? Where are some of us "common folk"--you know the ones that don't have as much information as the town does according to Town Supervisor Earle C. Reed when he disbanded the Citizens Budget Committee. That would also be the people who you think are going to be footing the bill--remember us?

Missing from the OD article..... (to be continued)

1 comment:

KnightRyder said...

RE: Mike Jeffrey - Parks Dept. Director

Mr. Jeffrey is a resident of Whitesboro, New York. He is a NON-RESIDENT!!!