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Wednesday, March 7, 2007

If it walks like a duck.....

and quacks like a duck, chances are it is a duck."

Rather then present more information, we have decided to ask that you read the two (2) comments on our previous blog entry. It will help shed some light on where we are going over the next few weeks. We have been diligently collecting information for residents of the Town of New Hartford because we believe that all residents deserve to have the facts before they decide whether or not to vote for $4.6+ million in bonding. The previous administration adopted a "pay as you go" approach to spending in an effort to repay the bonding of the Keiser years without creating further debt. If this round of bonding is approved, town residents will be saddled with "new" debt for anywhere between 14 to 24 years--the maturities vary on each of the bonds.

The Town Board cancelled the previous bond vote that was to be on January 17, 2007. Their excuse was because they did not have enough time to get their message out to residents. Well, to date they have not brought forth any additional information and they continue to stumble when questions are asked of them--questions that should be easy to answer if they truly had their "ducks" in a row. We have submitted many Freedom of Information requests and used Internet searches to gather additional information. We will show you what we have obtained as well as tell you what we have not been able to get even with a Freedom of Information request.

To read the comments, just click on the number in the right hand corner of the green area at the bottom of our previous post and watch our blog as we continue to expose the truth regarding the town bonding proposals.

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