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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Something is Wrong With this Picture!

I have received the breakdown of students from each of the BOCES component schools:

And here's the cost by component school district for a house assessed at $100,000:

1 comment:

Arkangel said...

The Observer Dispatch, once again, has been writing biased articles, refusing to obtain timely and accurate information from which the taxpayers could make an informed decision.

Journalists are REQUIRED to be fair and impartial. However, as we have seen over the years, the Observer Dispatch has an Agenda that precludes fair, open and balanced commentary from those who have opposing views. In fact, the O.D. has done everything in their power to abuse the process in this matter. It is no wonder the readership of the Observer Dispatch continues to decline.

It is interesting to note that the Observer Dispatch gloats in their article in the Wednesday (2-14-2007) edition. BOCES may have obtained 2,400 votes in FAVOR, however, there would have been twice that amount, if the Observer Dispatch printed BOCES data which told a different story - as evidenced by the author of this blog and too, STRIKESLIP's blog.

The "fight" will continue, perhaps, in the Court of Public Opinion and/or in Court or maybe in the presence of our newly elected Governor who favors PERFORMANCE based management over business-as-usual.