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Monday, January 29, 2007

Is the tail wagging the dog?

Street lights on Chapman Road?

A resident recently emailed us a memo that was sent to Chapman Road residents from Robert Payne, Ward 1 Councilman and Roger Cleveland Superintendent of Highways regarding the possibility of putting street lights on Chapman Road. The memo stated that there is to be a informal discussion on January 31 at 7 P.m. at the Kellogg Road Community Building. The person who sent it to us wanted us to find out if it was true that the cost would be placed on the whole town and not just the residents of Chapman Road. Or would there be a special lighting district set up for just the Chapman Road residents or perhaps the Weston Road lighting district that is already in place would be expanded to include Chapman Road.

We tried to get the answers for the resident--but we were basically given the "runaround", so we did a search of town board minutes and found out what was happening.

Interestingly enough, the Chapman Road residents didn't petition the town for a lighting district or at least if they did collect the needed signatures to bring the petition to the Town Board, it was never discussed in open meeting.

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Arkangel said...

Robert Payne and Roger Cleveland should both be investigated for gross dereliction to duty. Where are the checks and balances of these two Town officials?

Robert Payne caters solely to special interests and those that can benefit him and his aspirations at the expense of the each and every town resident. If we do not put a "choke-chain" on this politician; he will spend any amount of taxpayers dollars that he can get his hands on.

Roger Cleveland is no different. The man has no degree, however, we allow him to maintain our highways. I wonder if Mr. Cleveland really knows how to manage people or is he only interested in political favors vs. due diligence on behalf of the taxpayers.

It is high time that Town residents demand an investigation into how these two "characters" operate - absent any controls placed upon them.

Lastly, since when does Robert Payne represent the taxpayers on a matter of lighting when it is the people themselves who initiate a Petition for the requested lighting.

Sounds like Robert Payne is up to no good and does not give a damn to those constituents he represents - regardless of party.

Town residents will NOT make this mistake again. Bring back Donald Backman. Don did bring to the table a sense of honesty and fair play - even when one disagreed vehemently against Don. It's called Democracy!

Robert Payne and Roger Cleveland, please resign from your positions so we can get personnel who have the interests of the town taxpayers.

Strikeslip said...

Maybe some of the Town residents who will be PAYING for these improvements on top of paying for their own lighting thru village or lighting district taxes will show up at the meeting to put in their two cents!