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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Absentee ballots for March 29 special town election

Just a reminder to contact the Town Clerk's office if you will be out of town or you are otherwise unable to vote in person on March 29, 2007 for the Town's proprosed $4.6 million bond resolutions. If you leave an address with the town clerk, an absentee ballot be mailed to you when it gets closer to the election.

Also, please read the comments on my loves me...loves me not! post from January 22, 2007 (see below). Just click on the number above the envelope in the green highlighted space below the post.

1 comment:

Arkangel said...

In today's Observer Dispatch (1/24/07), it was stated that Earle Reed is unavailable due to his being on vacation in Florida. Now, we know why the Town ONLY wants to have public meetings once a month. How convenient to Earle Reed and the elected officials. This is representative government? I think not!

Oh well, I took the time to read the Town's web page. Nothing new to report because the Town's Officials are still trying to determine how they plan on marketing the 8 Bond Proposals.

New Hartford Town Residents, I strongly encourage each and everyone of you when March 29,2007 comes...VOTE NO! The Town has promised more information, however, has FAILED miserably to deliver more detailed information as promised in their abbreviated meeting of 23 minutes.

Election time require town residents to vote for (at least) two new seats. Let us speak up and bring to the Town, representatives who have the residents interests at heart - NOT commercial businesses and/or more exempt properties.