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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Kudos Mr. Reed--Atta Boy!

According to today's Observer Dispatch article,
2 towns to Share Oneida County financial officer, Matt Shannon, the Supervisor of Whitestown and Earle Reed, the Supervisor of New Hartford are working toward a shared financial officer agreement. The financial officer would work out of County Comptroller Joseph Timpano's office.

The article says that the towns have yet to determine what portion of the salary each of the towns will pay, but a concerned New Hartford resident posed some questions at tonight's Town Board meeting regarding the arrangement and Mr. Reed assured the audience that New Hartford will only be paying half the cost of salary and benefits.

Who says we need a financial officer, Mr. Reed, you know your way around the financial world, by golly! Who else would be able to get a financial officer to handle the $5.5 million budget of Whitestown and the $13.3 million budget of New Hartford (with about 2.5 times more money to manage) and yet we only have to pay half the salary and benefits.

I hope you are right Mr. Reed because people sure hate to be surprised by unexpected spending particularly since many town residents I have talked to are not on board with the fact the Town of New Hartford needs a financial officer in the first place. Isn't that suppose to be your job?

And if I were Carol, the Town of New Hartford bookkeeper, I would take offense at your comment, "I'm basically working with a bookkeeper, and that gets me a little nervous". My, how did the previous administration ever manage to get along?!!

Does Whitestown have any other jobs they want to share--how about Town Supervisor?

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