Tuesday, September 27, 2016


...it happened again. Councilmen vs. town supervisor because a couple of the bills didn't seem to make sense! Tyksinski bullies and then asks Dan Dreimiller to check into it!

Here's the video:

I FOILed the documents which were clearly amended prior to being sent to me so I really don't know what was actually included in the bills that were placed before the councilmen for approval at the meeting.

But perhaps you might be interested to know that it cost you over $3,000 for engineering work for the parcel behind the library where the town was thinking about building their Taj Mahal. Also, the sewer district appears to have been charged for items that do not appear to be related to the sewers.  Shocking, I know!

How many times will this happen and more important, how many times in the past did it happen, but the town councilmen failed to notice?

The record should be quite clear at this point...we have a town government that is playing games with taxpayer dollars. Shameful considering that we have two (2) CPAs in charge of the town accounting.

Frankly, this is my busy season at Cloth Dolls by Stitch 'N Stuff and I don't have the desire to spend any more time on this accounting b/s so I will let everyone just listen to the videotape and make up your own mind as to what was in play during the "audit of the bills" portion of the September 14, 2016 town board meeting.

Elections for two council seats and the town supervisor position will be held in November 2017...announcements should be made public within a few months as to who plans on running.

Don't like what is going on...you have the power to change it!

Next town board meeting on October 5th the budget will be released. Can't wait.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Like your garbage hauler??

Too bad, you MAY NOT be able to keep your garbage hauler if a new sanitation department is created in the Town of New Hartford.

At the September 14, 2016 town board meeting, Councilmen Messa and Miscione disclosed their plan (which is still in the development stage) for creating a residential garbage district where participation would not be optional. Supposedly that would require forming a district and said district would bond to purchase trucks and other necessary items probably such as containers for both trash and recyclables.

The cost of maintaining this new town department and paying the employees would be billed on the town tax bill of each residential property in the town proper, excluding the two villages.

Apparently there have been complaints regarding the daily barrage of garbage trucks throughout the town that causes noise pollution plus wear and tear on town roads. Also, their plan is to include the curbside trash pick-up that was discontinued in 2014.

No concrete information as to cost or exactly who would be included in the district was made available at the meeting, but Councilman Miscione said he would have figures and more information ready for a discussion for the board at the next meeting on October 5th.

While I will reserve most of my comments until after the October 5th meeting, there are a few things the councilmen need to consider:
1. There are several classifications of residential properties, will you be servicing them all? Do you even know what I am talking about since it is quite apparent that you have no knowledge of how the town's assessment database is structured?

2. There are at least two (2) local garbage haulers; does it matter to anyone the effect this decision may have on them?

3. Currently, everyone has their own garbage collection service and sales tax is collected for the service provided.

However, should the town create a sanitation district, the service would be tax exempt. The same applies if the town contracts with one private garbage hauler to service the district. How much sales tax would be lost needs to be taken into consideration.

Let's not forget that when New Hartford loses sales tax so does every municipality in Oneida County so at the very least the councilman may want to ask Supervisor Tyksinski, Mayor Ryan and Mayor Bialek if they think further loss of sales tax would be an issue for them.
Those who have lived here for a while probably can remember the last time the town board contemplated a town-wide garbage district. It went by the wayside just like the previous discussion for the town to become the City of New Hartford a few years ago which has been regurgitated several times lately by Tyksinski.

I can’t believe that they actually want to create another district that will probably be used to pay expenses that have nothing to do with trash collection…just like the sewer district that is owed about a million dollars at last count. Oh, you have to love it!

We’ll make millions I tell ya! Ya right, wishful thinking! Guess it’s true, history DOES keep repeating itself…or…is it just the definition of insanity that is in play here?

Here is the discussion from the town board meeting on Wednesday, September 14, 2016.

Stay tuned, there's more...just waiting for a couple FOIL requests!!