Friday, September 15, 2017

Snarky; cranky; irritable...

...yup, that pretty much sums up Tyksinski's attitude at the September 13, 2017 town board meeting.

I'm sure it must be difficult to lose an election particularly when you are so arrogant that you think it's YOUR TOWN and you can't be beat.

However, Paul Miscione will be the Town Supervisor as of January 1, 2018. Congratulations, Paul!

Enough said on that subject.

On a more positive note, kudos to Councilman Reynolds for looking into the "real" process for introducing a change to the town's solar code. Dave asked that the town board pass a resolution to be the lead agency for SEQR; a resolution to that effect was adopted by the town board.

Next, the proposed change to the town code goes on to the Planning Board; the town clerk has been asked to take care of that part.

Town Code says "the Planning Board shall submit its report within 45 days after receiving such referral. Failure of the Planning Board to report within the required time shall be deemed to be a recommendation of approval of the proposed amendment."

The town board then has to hold a Public Hearing before the code change can be acted on. I will update everyone on this blog as to the date and time of the Public Hearing.

On another positive note, I am also told that the town website is in for an overhaul to make it more informative and user-friendly. Yeah!! Transparency...something for town residents to look forward to in the coming year(s)!

Without further ado, here is the September 13, 2017 town board meeting:

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Republican Primary today! Be sure to vote!

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Solar Energy...I don't want it; therefore you can't have it! says Tyksinski!

As predicted in my O Sole Mio blog on August 15, 2017, you will not see a change in the current 10 kw allowable solar energy town code until and unless Tyksinski is no longer the town supervisor. He doesn't want solar in HIS town, period!

If you remember, Councilman Reynolds brought a revised town code to the August 9, 2017 town board meeting which would have allowed up to 25 kw of solar energy for your home. Councilman Reynolds explained to the town board that the new code was based on NYS Solar Energy Law.

After some discussion, the town board adopted a resolution at the August 9th town board meeting to hold a public hearing on the new code at the September 13, 2017 town board meeting. As soon as the public meeting was held, the town board could have adopted the new code as a local law.

If you watch Tyksinski's facial expressions and mannerisms in the video of the August 15th blog as Councilman Reynolds introduced the new code, it is quite apparent that Supervisor Tyksinski would not let that code change take place during his reign.

So how does he stop it when he knows full well that he has four (4) councilmen that are in favor of the change because that is what their constituents are telling them they need to make solar energy a viable choice for their home? You merely never let it get before the town Planning Board. Under New Hartford Town Code, without the Planning Board's report, the local law to change the code will not go beyond the town board table as a draft. Clever, don't you think?

The proposed zoning change could have been presented at the last Planning Board meeting on August 14, 2017. There was plenty of time to get it to the Planning Board since the new code was already written down on paper at the August 9, 2017 town board meeting. However, it was not an agenda item at that Planning Board meeting.

Here is a copy of the proposed local law that I FOILed from the town clerk.

Even though it wasn't presented to the Planning Board on August 14th, the Planning Board was scheduled to meet on September 11, 2017 so there was still a chance that the Planning Board could review the new code in time for the next town board meeting so that the Public Hearing could be held at the start of the September 13th meeting.

But as luck would have it, the September 11, 2017 Planning Board meeting has been cancelled due to a lack of agenda items. So, the public hearing will probably not take place on September 13th. Looks like that solar energy code change that several residents were hoping to get has been temporarily stalled!

As I predicted in my previous blog, Tyksinski will stall until after the September 12, 2017 Republican Primary so the voters in New Hartford don't get upset knowing that he has no plans to update the town's zoning laws on solar energy.

After the Primary, if he wins, he may stall the updated solar energy code so that it never gets changed!

Looking for a change in the town's solar energy code to allow up to 25 kw of solar energy for your home?

Tired of Supervisor Tyksinski bullying the councilmen; withholding documents; meeting behind closed doors; and running the town as his own little "fiefdom"?

You have a choice on September 12, 2017.

If you are tired of living in Tykville, vote for Councilman Paul Miscione to be the next town supervisor!

Republican Primary - September 12th.